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A Message from Monica

Thank you so much for being here.

You're probably here because you've been into fitness and you know

generally how to eat healthy, but you're not seeing the results in

your performance or physique.

You don't have the confidence you want and

you are stressing out about food choices.

There are solutions! Let's get you on a plan that brings you the results you want and the nutrition you need. 


Step  1:

20 minute discovery call to identify specific goals you will strive for and the best methods to get you there.


Step 2: 

Sign up for your initial 60 minute consultation. 

Bring to your virtual session 

  • 3 day food log, in an app or journal

  • Body Composition Analysis 

  • Fully completed Health Assessment Questionnaire

  • Any other materials you think your fitness dietitian should see!


Step 3:

Schedule your follow up appointments .

Complete all action steps identified in initial discovery.

Begin logging all info: food intake, workouts, stress, sleep, energy into the Healthie app.

Check In

Step 4:

Complete your Client Check in Sheet. 
Write down at least 3 nutrition related questions to discuss.

Show up for your check in ready to take action, build on your goals, and see results!