Ever wonder what to do to make counting macros easier? Here are 10 Dietitian Approved Macro Hacks that can help you whether you are just starting or have been going at it a while.

1. Weighing nut butter instead of using a volume measure (Tablespoon) really makes a difference.

2. Keeping a journal to write in helps me stay on track when I need a break from the screen.

3. Condiments- Mustard, Salsa, and Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Sauce take plain cooked protein, carbohydrates, and veggies from meh to YEA!

4. Roast your veggies for easy prep and loads of flavor.

5. Be flexible. Don’t stress about not meeting EXACT numbers. As long as your within range and staying consistent you’ll be okay. It’s about building healthy habits, not being “perfect”.

6. Brown Rice cakes are so easy to track and make yummy snack stacks!

7. Recipes are hard, but make it easier to track by separating the ingredients or just tracking something similar.

For example: Instead of logging “Avocado toast” log 2 slices of bread, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 onion, 1/4 cup refried beans.

Also, this recipe is featured on my meal plans!

8. Going out to eat? Check if the restaurant loaded some of their entrees into the database before you go.

9. Some meals are worth keeping the same. Variety is the spice of life but having consistent meals (like the same breakfast) makes logging easier.

My breakfast staple foods change but I always include a protein a carb and a fat.

10. 2 Words: Barcode Scanner. This is a wonderful function in most food tracker apps. I use this for items like egg whites in the carton, protein bars and canned goods instead of looking them up.

Those are my 10 dietitian approved macro tracking hacks!

Not everyone is into tracking macros and that’s TOTALLY fine! Since I’m making our nutrition menus for the week, while Physio build our workouts, I enter what we’re eating into an app in the meal planning phase so I can make sure we’re getting all our carbs, fats, and proteins for the day. Here are some of my tricks to make it easier. Otherwise, I’ll be aimless with portions and choices and that just doesn’t work for me, physically or mentally.