Fun Fact About Me:

I loved MySpace when I was growing up. There was a time when I was “sneaking” on MySpace because my mom was no not about me having pictures of myself on the internet….

well, that has since changed!

Inf act, my best friend Kristen and I would do photo shoots. I remember packing my backpack with a few different outfits, we took my digital camera and took photos outside and in our bedrooms. We even put up a bed sheet on the wall as a “backdrop”. We were totally fashion bloggers before fashion bloggers were even a thing. #hipster

No but for real, it was a high pressure situation because I had to not make it known why I had a backpack full of clothes when I was just going to my fiends house for the day. I also had to make sure when I was on the computer my mom wouldn’t walk in on my posting my pictures!

I’m honestly laughing writing this right now because look at the world we have today! For one, MySpace is gone, or is it? I should check. Secondly, don’t middle schoolers have Facebook? that was once for just college students. I admittedly wasn’t allowed on Facebook either because I was too young.

Mom had my back- now she is my biggest fan on the sosh- hi, mom!

Sometimes I think about how things would be different if I didn’t avoid Facebook and Instagram in high school. I also was really opposed to having “too many friends” because I knew there was no way I’d actually have relationships with 900 people… nowadays its like THE thing to have a million followers.

Admittedly, I will look at my follower count and get self conscious I don’t have more when compared to other people on the ‘gram but then I see their number of posts and holy cow! Some influencers have like 8 thousand posts on Instagram! I have 650-something posts…

Live and learn!

One of the other things I really enjoyed about MySpace was the design aspects. The number of backgrounds, layouts, music, photos. I loved customizing my page and changed it often… That’s something about me that hasn’t changed-I change a lot.

It’s kind of funny how much I was all about changing my background, having music, updating my profile pic. Dude, the Top 8?! Hahaha That was a struggle to get it so you didn’t piss a friend off.

But you could totally know which friends were fighting by how they changed in top 8s. I actually remember when I added Zack to my top 8. It was my virtual flirting. Actually, did you know that the first time I ever talked to zack was on MySpace?

I just went to one of his pictures and while every comment was something along the lines of “you’re so hot”, lmao so I just decided to keep it simple.

I wroteHey Zack

And he wrote back…

Hey Monica

And now we’re getting married! Haha.

Oh but how Zack and I met is totally not why I decided to write this post. Maybe I could write a post about that? I mean we are high school sweethearts, there are plenty of stories I could share. Like…

The time I made him ask me to prom.

The Box Jump Video that really stole my heart.

First kiss.

What it’s like to live with someone who isn’t messy.

Or I could make them all food / nutrition related:

The First Meal I ever Cooked for Zack.

The Time I Surprised Him for His Birthday (and drove his car illegally).

The Foods He Eats Because of Me.

His Favorite & Least Favorite Foods.

Anyways, I digress. I do that a lot

I thought about those surveys I used to do on MySpace. What a time killer right? But sometimes it’s nice to just take a break and kind of think about random things and learn new things about people.

Think of this as an icebreaker. I freaking LOVE icebreakers!! I do them before my group training classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a small class- only 12 people max because the space isn’t very big. This number of people is just enough to get everyone to share their name and a fun fact about them. My most recent question was ‘What do you do for work’ and I was so eager to learn that a variety of professionals take my class.


Marketing Director


Child Psychologist

First Grade Teacher

IT Manager

Registered Nurse

Medical Scribe

Those are just a few examples.

Icebreakers are also a great way to create a community between members so that way they can start to hold each other accountable! It’s easy to forget names, so icebreakers at the start of class are a great refresher for everyone. I’m not even going to think that everyone knows my name yet, I say it once at the start of class and that’s it.


So I’m going to fill out some rando survey Qs and hey, if you wanna play along copy & paste them Qs, fill them out and comment!

Random Questions & Answers Like MySpace!

1. Last beverage:

Ice-ice- water

2. Last phone call:
A media producer for a television show (sounds cooler than it actually was haha!)

3. Last song I listened to
Ariana Grande – Lovin’ It

4. Favorite Hairstyle

Loose waves made with my 10 year old straightener

5. Last workout class

HIIT KICK- cardio kickboxing class at my gym

6. The first motivational quote that pops in my head

The best part of a setback is a COMEBACK!

7. Whats on my wrist right now

Fitbit (no hair tie surprisingly)

8. Something I need to clean

My phone

9. First thing I do when I wake up

go to the bathroom and pet Ingrid

10. Least favorite habit:

Sitting for long periods of time

  • Last Beverage
  • Last Phone Call
  • Last Song I listened To
  • Favorite Hairstyle
  • Last Workout Class I Went To
  • First Motivational Quote I Think Of
  • What’s on My Wrist Right Now
  • Something I Need To Clean
  • First Thing I Do When I Wake Up
  • Least Favorite Habit
  • Now it’s your turn!

You can copy and paste the questions and share them in the comments here! OR if you are reading this from Instagram then you can screen shot the above photo , which I made formatted for IG stories, and write in your answers.