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14 Potential Job Pursuits for Future Dietitians

April 12, 2016

The internship is making it really hard for me to decide what I want to do when I become an RD, and I'm going to guess that I'm not alone on this, either.


There are, literally,  at least 14 topics/fields/ whatever you want to call it that I want to become an expert in:


1. Sports Nutrition- becoming a CPT, then acquiring the CSSD is one of my goals.


2. Nutrition Education-Getting my MS in Applied Nutrition so that way I can become a professor just so I can excite students about the field and be a Nutrition Club Advisor, and maybe someday a DI Director.


3. Research- Going for a PhD so that way I can really research on women's nutrition and endocrine function (ex: Menstrual Irregularities, Thyroid Hormone, Selenium) or Nutrition Metabolism and High Intensity Exercise, or Resistance Training during Gestation, or Glyphosate and Auto-Immune Disorders and Gut Dysmotility.


4. Maternal/Infant Nutrition-  because more research is showing that what mom eats (and even what grandma ate) is what a baby is built from. Hello Nutrigenomics.


5. Breast-feeding -becoming a Certified Lactation consultant to help moms BF their babies and get better policies in place for new parents. 


6. Nutrition and Food policy- Can I be the USDA Secretary of Agriculture? Or do I need to be buddies with the oligarchies that control our food supply...


7. Nutrition Communications- I love to talk, I love to write, and just about every waking moment of my life is spent on food or nutrition. Would love to get paid for this, someday....


8. Culinary Arts- Seriously can I just be the next Alton Brown, and use science and technology to show the world how to bake the perfect Almond Tart?


9. Agro-Tourism- Or can I just move to Sicily/Cali/Florida, own a farm and invite people to vacation and we can cook the food we grew, eat it, and just enjoy the simple things in life. 


10. Traveling Dietitian- How about I just travel to other already-established agro-tourism resorts? Maybe be the Samantha Brown of Food and Nutrition?


11. School Lunch Program- In my opinion, this field needs Registered Dietitians. I've thought a lot about this field, and could really see myself making moves in it but what about my other 10 dream pursuits.


12. Clinical Nutrition- Working for a hospital was never my primary goal, until I met some of the most fabulous dietitians in upstate NY and every minute is just saturated with learning opportunity.


13. Food Network RD- Ellie Krieger needs a fellow RD to cook with ;)


14. Yoga Instructor/RD  with a Private Practice (this was one of my first job prospects).

Making personal decisions is my major weakness. I need objectivity in order to make a decision otherwise I get lost in "the feels" of each choice.

 I can't just do something because I like it (I like so many things!)


At this point, I am seriously considering putting these options and drawing from a hat, or consulting with a magic 8 ball. 


If anyone has any suggestions, please advise. I love hearing other people's success stories for inspiration!

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