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Launching a Re-Brand: Mind on Nutrition

I am re-branding my website & blog to Mind On Nutrition. Why? Because my mind is always on nutrition and it's probably on yours too!

I am a nutrition entrepreneur and throughout all of my practice groups and in watching various webinars I've heard this piece of advice time and time again: find your brand.

Well, that was tough because I love everything about nutrition. There isn't one aspect or diet or "brand" I felt that really spoke to me.

A few weeks ago I had an informational interview with a super successful dietitian, Laura Ugokwe RDN, Founder & Owner of RESULTS! a food and nutrition coaching company for busy people. She was super friendly, very encouraging & such an inspiration! I learned so much from her in a a brief 30-minute talk.

A second informational interview was with the wonderful Monica Mo, Founder of WellSeek, was just as motivating. This interview was just 20 minutes but again it was saturated with great advise. What I realized that both of them clearly knew their brands. Just look at their websites and you understand the vibe of their companies and the appeal to their audiences.

A few bits of advice really stuck out to me:

"Understand yourself and who you connect with" Monica Mo, WellSeek.

"You can control your career...take risks and use that gray area" Laura Ugokwe, RESULTS!

Truthfully, a lot has happend between now and those conversations that have led to my official re-branding. I work with a lot of brilliant nutrition & fitness entrepreneurs everyday so I consider every conversation and experience a moment to learn. A weekend with my family for Father's Day was a major reminder that I am trying to make a career in nutrition so I can enjoy the simple things: family, food, fitness. And it hit me: Nutrition is always on my mind... and that's my brand.

So, I am streamlining all of my social media channels and content to support my brand and would love others who have nutrition on their minds to reach out, connect, follow, & all of the above! The content will be all things about nutrition that are on my mind (mostly cooking, nutrition tips that are evidence based-not fads, and fitness).

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