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My Favorite Whole Foods to Pack While Traveling!

Who doesn't love to travel?! Zack and I live in Denver but our families live on the East coast. We may be traveling to the northeast for Christmas or Florida for a "spring break" getaway OR exploring a cool city like San Francisco or Aspen. But before we take trips we stop at the store to get some healthy travel snacks. Here are a few of my favorite Whole Foods to pack while traveling!

But first, Coffee.

I like my coffee black with a splash of unsweetened almond or cashew milk. Just enough to make it change color and cool it down just a tad. But I can't realistically bring a whole half gallon of almond milk with me. I could put some in a portable water bottle but I wanted to try something new so I got this Unsweetened Ripplewhich is a pea-protein drink. Twelve grams of protein in 12 oz. I'm really only using it in my coffee. Hopefully it tastes good!


One of the reasons people feel less healthy while traveling is because they're just not getting enough fruits and vegetables. We should be getting 2-3 (at least in my opinion!) cups of vegetables a day and only 8.9% of US citizens meet their vegetable intake.That's stat is probably even lower when you how few people eat vegetables while traveling.

I get it, vegetables need refrigeration, they can go bad etc. But packing the right kinds make all the difference not just for the sake of packing but for your health!

Tomatoes and baby carrots are easy to pack and tomatoes are still yummy at room temperature. Okay, so maybe a Super Kale salad with blueberries isn't exactly the easiest thing to travel with, but I think having this in a pyrex dish beats a salad I'll end up buying (if I'm luck to find it) at a gas station. Namsayin? Can't wait to share the recipe with you guys!

Okay so I got my 3 servings of veggies...just until we get dinner. Who knows where that will be!


And speaking of salad, I'll pair a protein with that to make it a meal. I'm definitely digging these individual tuna packs from Wild Planet! This was at Target, I was surprised but glad that they are carrying this brand. Wild Planet Tuna is only cooked once and all of the juices are just from the cooking process. More info on Wild Planet here if you're interested!

Plain Greek Yogurt is a satisfying, portable snack. One container has 20 grams of protein and 20% daily value (based on 2,000 kcal diet) of Calcium. Ladies who weight lift probably know how important protein is, but Calcium is too!

Last I grabbed these two very convenient options for portable protein. In terms of convenience protein bars are one of the easiest things to pack while traveling. I like OATMEGA Bars, KindBars, and these thinkThinbars. I do include protein powder regularly in my diet. This is Vega Sport Performance Protein, the vanilla is very vanilla-y tasting and I like that.

Moving on to fruits!

Bananasare a classic! They are already in a perfect portable package. Keeping it in your bag for too long will speed up the ripening process but even if it's brown on he outside, the flesh is still a creamy yellow-white and edible. Berries, although powerhouses in the fruit world, are sooooo perishable. I'm going to bring strawberriesand since I know these will go pretty quickly, I'll probably eat them first :).

Can't forget about the whole grains! Dry oats are so easy to transport. Nearly every convenience store or gas station will have a hot water dispenser so you're on your way to a healthy breakfast. Brown rice cakes are another goodie. A smear of nut or seed butter makes them a heartier snack with more staying power.

And the most important healthy item to travel with it a water bottle. In my opinion, the bigger the better. Heck, carry a gallon if that's your thing. I'll stick to my 48-oz water bottle and fill it up every chance I get. Yes, that means many bathroom breaks but it's a small sacrifice in my opinion. Drinking water keeps your skin glowing, your digestion regular. Literally every bodily process requires water to do so , therefore drinking water is a good idea.

These are just some of my favorite real foods to pack while traveling. If you have any favorites that I'm missing let me know! Be on the look out for some pics of our trip :)!

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