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I am breaking into a new world of blogging that I have been working towards for a while. Now you can shop my feed with and I'm going to explain how in this blog post!

First, what is

It's an app! Yup, apps are the way of the world. I work as a health coach for an app (Noom!) I track my Vitamin D levels in an app. I talk to my personal nutrition coaching clients in an app (Healthie) and now I share my outfits and foodie things on an app so that if you are interested in getting your shop on, you can do so easily with

How to Sign Up

1. Download app and enter email & password.

2. Search for me monicasalafia.rd in the search bar to follow.

3. Shop my posts by selecting the images from my feed . Easy peasy!

Do I Get Paid?

Yes I do. Full transparency here.

When you like something and want to buy it, going through my Instagram and feed will make me a commission and it won't cost you any extra.

This is so I can help keep my blog going.

There is a lot of work involved and I invest a lot of time into Mind on Nutrition. Since I was already sharing Athleta and other outfits on my Instagram this was a natural next step for me.

This absolutely does not impact my outlook on things.

I find that since I am a dietitian and because I am an inherently an ethical person, I have a responsibility to uphold professional standards and abide to a Code of Ethics.

That said, I want to be upfront and let you know I will likely post links to foods and kitchen/cooking tools I use but I would only do that if I authentically used and enjoyed the product myself.

Like now when I post a picture of oatmeal or a smoothie bowl (which is you've been a follower you know I have always done that) I will link to whatever relevant products there are.

I'm a consumer just like you and I wouldn't want to promote anything I didn't value.

You've downloaded the app, now what?

That's it! No other requirements necessary really. I'll just post per usual and you'll use social media per usual. If you feel like shopping my looks it will be very simple.

Steps again:

Download app and find me :)!

Screenshot my Instagram post when you see the little heart logo to see what products I linked. will notify you that your screenshot is ready!

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Then in the app the items are linked. I will always link the exact product I am wearing first, then if it's not available I will link something similar that I would actually wear in it's place.

This post for example, I am earring a different pair of earrings I bought from Nordstrom because they're having their major annual sale (!) but I linked these gorgeous turquoise ones.

I'm looking forward to stepping up my blogging game and putting together more workout and lifestyle looks!

Thank you for your support and community!!