It’s the Friends & Family Sales Event at Athleta and from now until Monday friends & family of Mind on Nutrition get an exclusive 20% discount at the Cherry Creek Mall Athleta register (just mention my name!). Exclusions apply ~ Need some outfit inspo? Read on to get the outfit details AND an Upper Body/ Lower Body workout + Cardio split I’ve been doing the last 2 weeks!

It’s that time of the year where most of us are craving a change in routine. Whether it’s getting back into a routine we had or starting a new one, most of us see September as the new January.

I’m a “fall into fitness” routine girl myself since throughout the summer I dabbled in a few different workout programs all of which I loved. This September I made monthly goals and knew I really had to recommit to sticking to a schedule once my work schedule began changing.

My schedule is now filling up with Noom health coaching during the day and Mind on Nutrition coaching at night and on the weekends. In the mix I have my group fitness job, nutrition talks, and I’m facilitating a 6 Week Mind on Nutrition Challenge for a group of over 40 gym members!

Needless to say, I’m a busy bee this fall season so getting into an easy routine was exactly what I needed. So I decided to go back to the basics and weight lift with an upper body, lower body, cardio split!

These dinners are soooo yummy and quite simple to put together! If you’re interested in signing up for a 28-day reset meal plan, click here!

What prompted this routine was my goal to do more cardio. I don’t really enjoy cardio and I’ve been able to squeeze in plenty of aerobic activity with my group fitness classes: kickboxing & cycling! But with meeting changes and other things with Noom I’ve had to drop those classes, regretfully, and my minutes of cardio went with it…no bueno!

So I really need to find a way to get it in and with denver days so hot still, morning sprints was the only way to motivate me to do it.

I chose Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30 am to bring Belinda out and do my morning sprints. I never spend more than 20 minutes doing the whole drills.

What I bring with me on morning runs:

Belinda 🙂 + Dog Running Leash

My iPhone + Airpods


I want to have minimal equipment on me when I’m going for a run and that’s why I bit the bullet and bought the AirPods and always buy workout pants with pockets so I can stash the phone and my apartment keys easily.

Athleta Friends & Family Event 9/13/18- 9/17/18

This weekend only is the Friends & Family sale at Athleta and if you’re in Denver you can go to the Cherry Creek Mall, tell them you heard about the sale from Mind on Nutrition (or just use my name) and you’ll get a 20% discount!

These 5 items are my most frequently worn Athleta items this season!

Pants with Pockets

Chakra Colorblock 7/8 Tight

I was gifted these Chakra Colorblock 7/8 tights and Atlantis Blue Speedlight top from Athleta Cherry Creek and I love the 3 colors- black, cassia, and navy so I can match pretty much any top with these pants.

Salutation Modblock 7/8 Tight I honestly rock these at least 2 times a week and it’s mostly because of the pockets and the fact that they match with pretty much everything. It’s not a rule to have to match but I like to.

Athleta Womens Side Stripe Salutation 7/8 Tight Black Size L

One of my favorites! I have the matching bra as well and feel like these pants, although without pockets, might be one of my favorite staple pieces. These are the workout pants that make it to even travel excursion!

Basic Tank & Tee
Speedlight Tank

Shown in Atlantis blue which just adds a pop of color to the rest of my black and gray workout clothes.

Speedlight Heather Tee

I’ve always wanted a workout tee and these Athleta Speedlight tees are light weight and great to wear for a casual look as well!