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3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care This Weekend

There is a whole philosophy of self love and self care that we can explore but I wanted to share the 3 most basic, but effective self love practices that you can do every weekend!

1. Workout for pleasure.

Take the first block of time in your weekend to move that body! Do what you love, do something different. If you always go to the gym to lift weights, take a group fitness class. If you have been dying to go to a lagree studio, go for it. Weekends are the perfect time to try something new.

2. Nourish yourself with healthy, filling, delicious food.

Healthy looks different to everyone. Yes, there are essential nutrients we have to, have to get through foods because we cannot make it ourselves. But there are cultural differences, dietary preferences, allergies, and other axioms that guide our meals. My advice? Don't stress about it!! We can also work together on it. Email me!

3. Beautify yourself.

This beauty thing is unexplored territory for me. It wasn't until I stepped foot into a gorgeous salon in Denver that I realized how empowering a great salon service can be for confidence! A blowout, a mani, a spray tan, or new cute jewelry can be just the little accoutrement to your weekend.

If this sounds like a perfect weekend beginning to you, then I have GREAT news!

I am collaborating with other empowering women this Saturday August 5th at 9:30am to bring you a Saturday morning dose of nutrition & fitness at Glamour Bar!

The Workout: 30 minute class targeting those hips, glutes and thighs. The Food: Nutritious & delicious overnight oats and fresh seasonal fruit. The Glam: Get pampered after class with your choice of a Blow Out or Gel Manicure. Ticket includes Class Admission, Blow Out or Gel Manicure, Snacks and a Killer Workout. Space is limited so register today. See you at Glamour Bar!


Meet Lyndsay: Owner of Glamour Bar & Beauty Influencer

Meet Tara: Personal Trainer & Fitness Influencer

Meet Monica: Dietitian & Nutrition Influencer

Space is limited so register here on Eventbrite!

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