I spend a lot of time coaching people on meal prepping but if we don’t buy the food then we don’t get to meal prep. Mastering a grocery shopping habit is key to getting healthy meals in your home, at your kitchen table or in to-go containers! Here I’m sharing my $60 Sprout’s Farmers Market Grocery Haul plus some tips on how to be successful with your nutrition goals.

First you have to set the goal and be specific. What is it you want to accomplish with your nutrition? Are you menu planning for a family of four? Did a recent diagnosis of food allergies mean your menu changed? Are you trying to feel more comfortable in your body and figure a different eating style will get you there?

Then write that down. Write down the goal and then act on it. You can write it in a journal, in an app, in a text message to your accountability buddy or your dietitian. Just make sure that the universe knows what your out to do and externalize that goal.

Set up mini positive rewards along the way. Here is a fun and evidence based fact about weight loss. When subjects were put on a weight loss diet that included meal replacements, they lost more weight in shorter amount of time and that kept them going.

Believe me, when I read that in the Evidence Analysis Library I was shocked. It kind of makes meal replacements look really good, and also validates why they are popular when people venture on a weight loss journey.

But it’s not the meal replacement drink itself its the fact that people saw weight loss faster. It doesn’t make a difference in the long run, but it kept them going because they saw positive rewards (the weight loss) throughout.

Think about the instant benefits. When you set a goal think about what instantly satisfies you or makes you feel good when you do it. For example, when you eat something that’s healthy that might not as “good” as thinking about how delicious something tastes! Mindful eating helps us really enjoy the flavors of food. If you set a goal to mindfully eat because it’s healthful, it might not be as enticing as if you think about how offing good something tastes.

If you think about how flavorful your meal is or how colorful your grocery cart looks, that instant benefit-whether thats the mouth appeal or the eye appeal, will keep you going towards that longer-term benefit.

My $60 Sprout’s Farmer’s Market Grocery List

Item // Price per unit// Amount

  • Liquid Egg Whites// $5.99// 1 unit
  • 1/2 Gallon Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Milk // $2.79// 1
  • Romaine Hearts, // $2.99 // 1 bag
  • Baby Carrots // $1.29 // 2 bags
  • Kale & Veg Salsa // $2.99 // 1 each
  • Rice Cakes // $1.99 // 2 packs
  • Frozen Berries // $12.99 // 1 big bag
  • Grape Tomatoes // $0.98 // 1 pack
  • Riced Cauliflower // $2.49 // 1 bag
  • Chicken Breast // $1.88 // 3.29 lbs. Great Deal!
  • Cucumber // $0.50 // 1 each
  • Sweet Potatoes // $0.99 // 2.27 lbs.
  • Strawberries, Fresh // $0.88 // 1 lb. Great Deal!
  • Brussels Sprouts // $2.49 // 2.71 lbs.
  • Orange Bell Peppers // $1.50 // 2 each
  • Spinach // $1.99 // 1 bag
  • Italian Squash , Zucchini // $0.98 // 2
  • Oats // $0.99 // 1.06 lbs. Great Deal!
  • Nuts, half // $4.21
  • Coffee, half // $2.98

Total Grocery Bill for these items $60.88

What I noticed was different about Sprout’s versus Trader Joe’s in price was that almost nothing I regularly buy had a $1 mark. Salsa was $2.99 but it’s $1.99 at Trader Joes. Baby Carrots are also $2 something and at Trader Joe’s they are $1 something.

So for a little more savings, I would recommend Trader Joe’s . I wrote about my $45 grocery haul here. Although we did find some really great deals! Like the strawberries were only $0.88 which is hella good for fresh fruit. We already dug into them too, and they are perfectly ripened. Chicken breast was also an amazing price as were the oats!

This is why I think so many people shop at more than one grocery store, they’re looking for good deals and or certain brands. That is the instant positive reward system I mentioned earlier. Finding a great deal is satisfying and a little positive mood booster when you’re grocery shopping with the long term goal of “eat healthier” or “meal prep”.

However, Trader Joe’s doesn’t have some of the products and brands we like that Sprout’s does.

Sprout’s also has a really great produce section, which is kind of their thing, right? I mean Farmer’s Market is in their title so if they’re going to call themselves that then produce must be top notch and it is really great. I also like that they have a fresh meat and seafood section, which Trader Joe’s does not.

Pros and cons to everything!