I wanted to do something MORE than just show you my groceries for the week. I wanted to show you how you can take these groceries, meal prep them efficiently, and then eat the rest of the week. That’s why I created a Free Trader Joes Grocery List , Meal Prep Plan and Menu Ideas for 2 People.

Here is the breakdown for you:

Page 1 of the .pdf will have a cover page because that makes it feel more official lol.

Page 2 of the free plan will be the grocery list. I organize my grocery list by carbohydrates, fats, proteins, veggies, bevvies, condiments, fruits, and other. There is also a pantry section because we all have some sort of stockpile. Mine might look differently than yours so be sure to check that out!

Page 3 is the Meal Prep Plan. Basically I wrote down my system of how I prep, it honestly looks a lot more complex than the actual prep itself so please keep that in mind. But also, keep in mind meal prep is work and you know, you gotta work for things in life! That’s okay it becomes easier the more you do it. I can’t promise you’ll enjoy it right away but I can promise it gets easier the more the you do it!

Page 4 is the Meal Plan Inspo. I’m considering calling it a menu board because in my opinion, having a selection of meals to choose from, rather than adhere to, is more rewarding and individualized.

This is a complimentary plan that I am happy to provide!

If this gets ya’ going then whoo! Get to it! But if you need a little more , like a little extra accountability, guidance, and support that’s where I can help you even more!

I work with individuals

I work with couples

I work with groups and…

if you want a meal prep coach on the day of your meal prep, well I provide that service! Let’s set something up-