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A Tabata Workout You Can Do in Your Living Room

What is Tabata? Tabata is a timed format of exercising where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for a total of 4 minutes.

What You Need?- a timer (even a microwave timer can work!), a mat, and good music :)

Here is an example Tabata:

0-:20 seconds Pushups,

:20-:30 seconds REST

:30-:50 seconds push ups

:50-1:00 minute REST....

You repeat this sequence until 4 minutes is up. You end up doing a total of 8 twenty second rounds of work. If you're giving it your all during the 20 seconds, this format is a breath-taker!

So here is a 24 minute Tabata I put together on Sunday! I have done it 2 times now and I promise it gets you sweat if you're really working during those 20 seconds. It also goes by pretty fast too!

You've made it this far! HERE is the workout!

This is a total bodyweight workout. No weights needed. So get to it!

Tabata 1: Jumping Jacks

Tabata 2: 180 Squat Jumps/ Squat Punches

Tabata 3: Breakdancers / Superhumans

Tabata 4: Skaters (I attached a video for these!)

Tabata 5: Plank w Shoulder Taps / Hip Dips

Tabata 6: Bicycles / Crunch Punches

In 24 minutes you'll be done with this workout and I have a few delicious smoothie bowl recipes to enjoy post workout!

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