When Chuze Fitness approached me and asked to help them share Self-Care September I was introduced to a full blown gym with all the amenities. I knew it was going to be an experience for sure, since for the last like 5 years I’ve only worked out at rec centers and apartment gyms.

I love the convenience and am super grateful for every gym I’ve gotten my sweat sash on in, but getting the full gym + amenities experience was pretty amazing! Since then, I’ve learned of their “There’s No Place like Chuze,” New Year campaign, which has a variety of “home” themed activations. I love that Chuze is more than just a gym and provides so many incredible benefits outside of just their four walls.

Here’s what I think makes Chuze so unique and special!

1. Chuze Fitness is a BIG Gym

Let’s talk about the real truth about big box gyms. Big box gyms attract a BIG crowd so I was a bit hesitant to commit to going to Chuze for fear that it would be so packed that I couldn’t get a workout in. I was so wrong!

I usually choose Chuze fitness over my other home gym (much love for my other home gyms!) when I have no time to wait in line for cardio. Isn’t that the worst? Going to the gym and having to wait in line for cardio? I don’t have to do that at Chuze and neither does my buddy :)! More on the buddy part later….

I love the squat racks and bumpers they have, plus the pre-loaded barbells make it so easy to get a barbell workout in without waiting for a rack. There is not a ton of space by the free weights to do walking barbell lunges, but Chuze Fitness employees are happy to let you move the barbell over to their turf space – as long as you put your sh*t back.

2. Endless Cardio Options

When I go to Chuze Fitness in Denver, I never have to wait for cardio. I can get on the 1 of the 8 step mills anytime I want, there are always treadmills available. There isn’t a whole lot more to be happy about here! Most of us think cardio is a pain, and the pain is enhanced when you have to wait. There’s no waiting At Chuze Fitness for me when I go and I’ve been there the most on Saturday mornings and weeknight evenings between 4-6pm. If I can get on some cardio equipment, so can you.

And the best of all? The Cinema!

(Anyone start singing cinema by shriller when they read that?).

3. The Cinema!

This is a brand new concept to me for a gym to have a movie theatre. Yes, I could technically clock this under my second reason but the Chuze Fitness Cinema deserves a special shout out because not only does it make cardio bearable, it’s also freaking genius!

Not feeling cardio is a common occurrence over here (haha!) but I’ve been able to get my prime-cardio days in when I know I get to just hang on a treadmill or AMT while watching a movie.

Chris & I have made Saturday mornings a bit of a gym cardio date. The endless cardio options and cinema have made it desirable to go. One blog I’ll share about how we met – it’s also related to fitness :).

4. Smoothie Bar

My next favorite thing about Chuze is also helping this cardio session become a habit. How? We are totally rewarded and therefore positively reinforced by the smoothie bar.

I love that they covered nutrition this way. It’s so damn easy to finish a workout and then fuel up with a smoothie. They have so many options, the calories are upfront, and you can always customize! I like to order a strawberry + banana smoothie with dairy-free milk and plant-based protein. I pay a little bit extra for my customized protein shake but it’s worth it. You’re worth it too!

The bigger picture here is that they’re encouraging you to eat healthfully. They’re not like other big box gyms that hand out pizza, lol. You can really get your #mindonnutrition and polish off your workout with a healthy nutrient-packed smoothie. This Denver Fitness Dietitian encourages you to do that!

5. Unlimited Buddy Passes

I was granted access to Chuze Fitness under the More Membership status. That’s why I was able to bring my man candy with me , despite him not having a membership. With the More membership which is priced at $39/month you get access to everything! I didn’t even mention the group fitness classes they offer, the hydromassage, the kid watch and their heart-rate based workout classes but those are all available too.