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Dietitian Influencers are Teaching People How To Eat Healthy on Instagram

Choppedathon is a social media nutrition campaign with the main goal of teaching people how to eat healthy. This is a direct result of 2020 Coronavirus and orders to stay home. That means a lot of people have limited time to go grocery shopping but plenty of time at home to learn how to cook nutritious foods. Thats where dietitian influencers come in.

A group of Registered Dietitians all across the country share on their Instagram stories a nutrition lesson and recipe that fits a theme.

I wanted to find a way to teach people how to eat heathy and keep their mind on nutrition even though we are all going through major life changes as a result of COVID-19. It is my thought that doctors, nurses, PAs and all clinical staff are doing what they do best and that is taking care of patients in the hospitals.

Dietitian Influencers are in a unique position to do what they do best. Teach people how to eat healthy so that they can try and stay healthy.

It's no coincidence that when we look at the statistics of COVID-19 and who is getting ill from it, that a number of people have co-morbidities that are all directly related to nutrition.

The most prevalent comorbidity were hypertension (17 ± 7, 95% CI 14-22%) and diabetes ( 8 ± 6, 95% CI 6-11% ), followed by cardiovascular diseases ( 5 ± 4, 95% CI 4-7% ) and respiratory system disease( 2 ± 0, 95% CI 1-3% ).

I've always been interested in nutrition from a fitness standpoint but there nutrition is inextricably linked to chronic disease, and since 3 of these chronic diseases are seen in patients with COVID-19, dietitians have to be involved.

In my effort to teach as many people how to eat healthy, I knew a group of dietitians would make a way bigger impact than just me alone. That's why late March of 2020 I asked a few RDs on Instagram to join this thing I called "Choppedathon" and what it's mission was and how they could join.

I hope to publish the blog article all about it and when I do I will definitely share an update this post.

In the mean time, we can all do our part by nourishing our bodies with nutrient dense foods. To help you do that, download one, or both of the Choppedathon Recipe Books.

Choppedathon March Recipe Book - Main Entrees & Snacks

Choppedathon April Recipe Book - Pre & Post Workout Smoothies

And if you want to support our efforts in teaching people how to stay heathy with nutrition, please share this blog post to your social channels.

Many thanks!

Monica Salafia MS RD CPT @denverfitessdietitian

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