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FitFoodie 5K Recap & Blogger Social Club

Will run for ____?

Thanks to the cookie emoji, Saturday was my first official 5K run in Westminster, CO! Why am I thanking the cookie emoji? Well, that was my answer to the FitFoodie 5K Instagram challenge where we had to answer the question: Will run for ______? We could only answer in emojis, so naturally I responded with my favorite dessert: the cookie.

I won and since I was the Instagram winner that meant I could register for the race fo free! And bring along some fitfoodie pals for free! So Saturday morning myself & 3 other fitfoodies ran a 5k race.

The course was set up in Westminster City park. There was food along the course and the first stop was an energy ball made with California Figs. Second was Rhythm Cool Ranch Kale Chips...which actually doesn't even use ranch as an ingredient, to my delight (I do not like ranch!).

Anywho, once we finished the race we were handed medals and a bag. The bag was filled with all sorts of goodies! Kale chips, ginger tea, herbal teas, coupons and, my favorite, cookies by Mrs. Thinster.

We headed on over to the vendors which, let's be real, is mostly why I went ;-) . I loved the variety of food vendors there. Something for everyone. Having a variety of food vendors at a health and wellness events really proves that healthy looks different for everyone. We shouldn't judge others based on how they get their nutrition.

It was a great start to the weekend and I encourage anyone who has never run an official race to definitely just go for it! Start with the 5K which is 3.1 miles, walk parts of it when you want, run fast when you want. It's up to you! I know I'll be running more 5Ks in the future for sure!

Health looks different for everyone.

So if you knew me you knew that food and fitness are basically my first 2 loves. But I'm in love with blogging!

Actually, I have always loved writing. I was that girl who wrote the longest essays. I have kept a journal or a diary ever since I could write. I even have multiple journals for different topics. I take notes like it's no ones business. Blogging is a natural fit for me.

But blogging isn't easy! There are skills to be learned and right now I am a SPONGE. I was so excited to learn about the Blogger Social Club which was founded by 2 amazing bloggers right here in Denver so that way we can connect in real life and learn from each other.

We had our first official but super fun and informal meet n greet at Del Frisco's Grille. Del Frisco's Grille is a steak house in Cherry Creek and the menu has tons of options for all types of eating styles, which I love!

The small group of us ordered a few plates of appetizers. I took a few pics, of course :)!

PS- nothing beats having a group of bloggers to dine with. Just about all of us immediately whipped out our phones to take pics. I was like I found my people <3!

Since we are all bloggers we could really empathize with each other and give insight about different topics. Talking about blog ideas, sharing our stories about how we got into blogging, chatting about our personal lives and our strengths and weaknesses made the two hours fly by!

I learned that one of my weaknesses is that I don't have enough pictures of me on my site. I'll be honest. The insecurities I have about putting pictures of my fleshy self out there keep me from sharing pictures.

Food, Fitness and Blogging

It's not so much that I am insecure with myself. I'm insecure about inviting other people to make comments about the way I look. Something I'll have to get over, I guess! Either way, I left feeling ore confident about this whole blogging biz than when I arrived and with a few more friends. I cannot wait until the next blogger social club!

Food, Fitness, and Blogging made it for one awesome Saturday.

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