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Fitness Dietitian 101 Tips and Tools

About a year ago I was just launching my Dietitians Guide to Counting Macros on the RD2RD Marketplace website. Now let me just say, RD2RD Marketplace is everything an RD needs to get started making money as a side gig.

The best part is, nutrition majors and dietetic interns can do this with their materials they create in school. If I could package all of the materials I made, even as study guides (which there are several Study Guides on RD2RD Marketplace).

Another great aspect of RD2RD Marketplace is that Megan puts on a live Facebook Show. She interviews Registered Dietitians who are in a specialty. I talked about being a fitness dietitian! So please, enjoy this video and hopefully you learn a little bit about what it means to be a fitness dietitian! Take a notebook with you and a pencil before you press play.

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