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Healthy Friendsgiving Menu for 2 to 4 People

Happy almost Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving for anyone celebrating both. For some, this holiday is filled with dozens of family members and friends but for others it's a smaller crowds. A lot of recipes around the thanksgiving time are made for 8-12 people. In this articles I'm sharing a complete healthy Friendsgiving menu for 2 to 4 People.

Appetizer: Everything Bagel White Bean Dip

Recipe from How Sweet it Is


This recipe is one of my go-tos for bringing to parties or hosting guests myself. The key is using toasted Sesame seed oil (I get mine from Trader Joe's) and  roasting the garlic. I suppose you can also use Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning to make it even easier but I stuck with the recipe.


Main Entree: Turkey Black Bean & Sweet Potato Chilli

From Mind on Nutrition Meal Plans


Keeping with the classics that usually appear in the Thanksgiving (turkey and potatoes) I decided the Turkey Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili which is available on my meal plans would be perfect.

Not a meat eater? No worries, just don't add turkey and you'll have a delicious and still filling sweet potato and black bean chili. And heck, if you don't eat beans welp, just take those out and its turkey and sweet potatoes. Don't eat sweet potatoes? Black Beans & turkey. Three different combos that can fit your eating pattern.

Side Dish: Citrus Green Beans

From Mind on Nutrition Meal Plans

I am all about getting in those greens! This is a non-starchy side dish because the potatoes and the beans got your covered with the starchy veggies in the chili. Usually the casserole versions make an appearance in the Thanksgiving menu but I've always been a fan of the non-casserole dishes. A side of green beans is  a perfect adornment to any Thanksgiving menu.

Dessert: Baked Stuffed Apples

From Mind on Nutrition Meal Plans

I don't now about you but dessert is my favorite! I wish that we could skip dinner and go straight for the pies and crisps (haha!). Usually at dessert time people look at my plate and go "You're a dietitian and you eat that?!" YOU BET! Also, I'm not judging your plate ;-). "Don't look at my plate" is another thing I hear a lot at holiday gatherings. Trust me, I don't care! 

Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays during this time are celebrated with food because for as long as humans have exsisted, this is what we do. We are social creatures and having a community to share nourishing, delicious food with is one of the best parts of life.

So this holiday remember to enjoy yourself and the food you eat and the company you keep!

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