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Nutrition Coaching with Monica Salafia RD: How to do a Check In

If you're reading this you have signed up for nutrition coaching , WHOO HOO and want to know how to do a check in. Read on to learn more!

Oh wait, you didn't sign up for nutrition coaching but want to learn how to get started? Read this blog first! Then come back to this post ;-)

Okay, onto How to do a check in!

Checking in is integral for your success. The reason I only offer nutrition coaching monthly packages is because the 1 offs don't help promote behavior change and this is a major part of improving your nutrition.

During the initial on boarding of nutrition coaching I send you 3 documents. One of these documents is a client update progress form. It has a few questions to get you reflecting and thinking about what you want to discuss during our follow up.

Step 1- Fill out the Check in Document

Filling this out the night before our check in appointment really helps us focus what we talk about in the previous session.

This is also a great place to put down any questions you had that we didn't talk about or get to with the "in-between text" support I offer to my coaching clients.

Step 2- Email me

Email the document as an email attachment the night before our check in

Once you filled this out, send it on over! I prefer to look at these ahead of time, before we meet again to know what our focus will be.

Step 3- Show Up!

We make the appointments ahead of time so they are scheduled in our calendars. We will check in via Healthie Video Chat or telephone. These are most convenient!

That's it! That's the check in process. We will continue this check in, fill out document, email it to me process throughout the coaching relationship :)!

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