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How To Fuel Up For Your Healthy Active Lifestyle

Life is an adventure and you have to fuel for it! That's what our dogs do and we should too.

Dogs are the best reminders of what life is all about. They are up for adventure, chill sessions, and they are the best eaters. They'll eat anything and they're grateful for it. I suspect they do this because they know they have to fuel up for playtime with their humans.

That's not easy in today's food and nutrition world. We are so bombarded with mixed messages about nutrition. Between the latest documentaries like The Game Changer and Ketogenic Diet coaches we're often left confused and don't know how to fuel our bodies. We're shamed into eating a certain way, then shamed for eating that way.

That's why I resonate with food brands that promote healthy, balanced eating to support active lifestyle. Kodiak cakes is one of those brands and I wanted to share a little more about why a brand like this is so good for us physically and mentally as we navigate our adventures life.

I walked into a yoga happy hour event hosted by Kodiak Cakes on a Thursday night. I knew about Kodiak Cakes because they're waffles are so damn good and convenient. They also have a pancake batter I keep in my casa on the regular. But I admit I didn't know how much their mission rang true for me.

Not only were they all about adventure but they even had written in their materials about the "food elites" that may make it hard to know intuitively how to nourish and fuel our bodies. Kodiak cakes has a blog on their website about Intuitive Eating if you want to read a bit more about that.

We then ventured into the yoga class which reminded me of how much I needed more yoga or at the very least quiet space in my life. I posted up right along the wall which had all of the swag bags.

Also I have to point out that they're product line is entirely whole grains which is a food group that's shunned by some of the most popular diets out there. That's super unfortunate because we have countless evidence supporting that whole grains are good for our heart health.

The ingredients they use to make their products are the answers to a lot of the problems we have in our food supply. For example, we know we should avoid refined grains and Kodiak cakes is using whole grains to make their flapjacks and waffles. This is really important because when they do this they're teaching us what is the healthier alternative, and it's not complete elimination.

While some companies are quick to eliminate all forms of grains (which yes some percent of the population may benefit from) that is then assumed to be "healthier" just because it is free from grains. That's not the case and we have so much dogma in the food world that when I find a company who is striving to help us find balance, I am all for it.

Just look at this delicious whole food spread! Kodiak cakes really provided. The coordinators of the event did a really great job representing their mission that all foods can fit into a healthy active lifestyle.

At this point you might be wondering, okay, cool Monica you really like Kodiak cakes because they provide us with great products and their mission is on point. But what is the answer to the question how do I fuel up for a healthy active lifestyle?

Here are my recommendations!

1. Embrace all types of foods in your diet from all of the food groups.

Even when you think you can't tolerate or don't tolerate 1 type of grain or vegetable for example, I am willing to bet there's something you haven't tried.

2. Adopt a Low Food Stress Mentality

This is my mission - to get you to fuel and nourish your body with as much low food stress as possible. sometimes that means challenging your own limiting beliefs about food and what's healthy and trying new foods or bringing food groups back into your life in a fun and creative way.

Research shows that a lot of the GI sensitivities people feel are associated with a hyper-sensitive gut. Having high stress can bring a psychological influence that a food is causing pain. Want to get rid of the pain? Work on that mindset. Mind on Nutrition clients know I am all about that mindset.

3. Meal Prep More

Meal prepping is a nutrition behavior I coach a lot of my clients on. I make it easier by giving them recipes and food ideas that fit their nutrition needs. When convenience is a priority I look for foods that give us "kitchen-short cuts" meaning some fo the work is already done.

4. Look & Learn About Quality Ingredients

Whenever you're out shopping turn the food item to the Nutrition Facts Panel and study those ingredients. We want to make sure that the ingredients are quality. Some of the terms that indicate quality are "100% whole grain" versus just grain if it's a grain product. Whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are always better than the powdered versions.

If there is a term you don't recognize don't be so quick to shun it! For example, ascorbic acid doesn't necessarily sound super healthy for us. But ascorbic acid is actually just vitamin C- an essential nutrient.

Hopefully these 4 tips help you learn how to fuel for your healthy and active lifestyle by including quality foods into your diet. After all, we have to keep up with our dogs!

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