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How to Prep for a TV Segment

This will be a quick read because I have to leave for my segment soon! But I figured I would jot down some notes on how I prepared and that might help me practice for today's broadcast.

Air time is 8:45AM MST with an arrival time of 8:15AM so I have to leave the house fully dressed and props preppier by like 7:40AM. I like to be early but not too early.

It all starts with the pitch - form me, the brand, or a PR company. Once the commitment is made we schedule a training. The training call is just a review of the show notes.

We answer questions like

What are we talking about?

Why is it relevant?

What am I making?

What's the nutrition angle?

Where can I find the product?

Where can viewers learn more about me and the product?

Once the training is over, I buy the ingredients for the recipe. I used to go to the store and find the product but now I Instacart right after (sometimes during) the training call. I am really adamant the shopper get the right products I need, for the most part they do.

The groceries are delivered and I get to prepping! I try to practice what I'm talking about during the cooking and usually film on Instagram too, preps for the "camera action" part of the whole deal.

The recipe Im going to demo on air will be made from food I prepped the night before. I have to make sure it looks good so sometimes I don't fully cook or chop but do so when I'm there.

Perfect example is when working with avocados I have to wait the longest to prep because those babies will turn brown as f*ck because of the oxidation process. Cool for food science and talking points but bad for aesthetics. Best to avoid!

So the recipe is prepped, the items are placed in a bowl and I'm now on to props!

Always must have my


blue measuring cups

blue serving dishes

wooden trays

knives, spoons, forks

decoration to fit the theme or the month

my selfie stick

I think that's it...let's hope so!

I put it all - the food and props- in my cart which is the best purchase Ive ever made (Thanks, Tawnie!)

Anywhoo. Thats the night before.

The morning of it's just wake up early so I can spend a luxurious mount of time primping. I put on the most makeup, more than I prefer but it's necessary for TV lights. Then its outfit selection. I prefer skirts so that the mic can clip on well and not just bunch my dress.

I gotta make sure the hair looks fresh o Ill bring a brush. Lip gloss too! That should go in the above list.

Thats pretty much it! Then I arrive on set and set tip for about a half hour. When the cameras are on the co-hosts talk first, introduce me, the concept and then I speak and do something with the recipe.

In 4 minutes or fewer, we're set up, on air then broken down. It's a thrill and I usually skip the coffee before hand (but today I drank some, goops). Then I'm off to the next thing!

This morning it will be going to the Pepsi center to talk with some of the Nuggets players about nutrition. From media RD to Sports RD. Todays going to be a greta freaking day!

Okay, it's 7:24 I should probably wrap this up now. I'm going live in 80 minutes, whoop! You can check the live stream here:

Watch the Live Stream Here!

Happy Friday!

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