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Meal Plans That Will Inspire Your Inner Foodie & Get You on Track!

Mind on nutrition Meal Plans

What does that even mean? Get you on track? You're fine right where you are but if you are here you may have your mind on nutrition or food. Heck, maybe you are hungry and wish you didn't have to think about what you were going to make/eat for dinner. Well now you don't have to:)

I have had meal plans available for a little bit but now I am revamping that again because of how useful they can be when you are just trying to balance a gazillion things and meal planning is an easy thing to forget.

Then what happens? You're left eating yet another spoonful of peanut butter . oh wait, just me? hahaha.

Well maybe it is just me or maybe you too? No judgement here! But I do want to help. I want to get people feeling confident again especially in the kitchen and with their nutrition! I have 4 types of meal plans available and I'm going to share about them below.

The Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

This is my favorite personally because it has the most variety and is very similar to the Mediterranean eating style. It promotes more omega-3 rich proteins like salmon and other fish instead of quadrupedal animals.

This is perfect for the high intensity interval training mom, or the weight lifting & walking chica, even the runner.

Basically anyone who puts their body in stress (which exercise does) and wants to take the decision making factor out of their nutrition planning.

This is also a great plan for someone who just wants a general healthy eating pattern to follow and loves eating colorful, nutrient-rich meals. Maybe you are watching your heart health or your blood sugars or cholesterol...if so, this meal plan is great for you!

The Plant-based Vegan Meal Plan

A lot of my coaching clients from the New Year had a goal to eat more plant based and some were even making the full swing to eat a vegan diet. I am totally pro plant-based eating. While I'm not a vegan myself I am very well versed in this eating style because as a dietitian it is my job to know how to make sure you are meeting your nutrient needs.

Vegan diets have some critical nutrients missing so even with a meal plan as fully nutrient rich as these will still require supplementation with things like Vitamin B-12. That said, this is a fantastic way to get introduced to vegan meal planning.

Even if you're not interested in going 100% vegan but you would like to lower your carbon footprint by making more plant based meals, you'll love the fresh perspective of these recipes!

The 28-Day Refresh

Alright, so I'm really not one for quick fixes and the like but I know there is a lot of really good evidence that supports a mental refresh. This meal plan is called a refresh because it is a bit lower in fat and carbohydrates and higher in protein to promote satiety.

This plan is not appropriate for everyone but I am happy to chat with you to see if its the right fit and where to make changes. Either way, this meal plan is still packed with nutrient dense recipes. and is also great for groups!

If you or a group of your friends or fitness studio members want in on a 28-Day program with nutrition component, you'll want to check this out!

The Low FODMAPs Meal Plan

This meal plan is designed for those with hyper-sensitive GI tracts. If you are diagnosed with IBS or are seeing your primary for gastro-intestinal related issues and you suspect that you may benefit form following a low-FODMAP protocol then I got the plan for you!

This is a more strict plan, as it is a form of medical nutrition therapy to alleviate symptoms. I would not recommend this diet for average, healthy people with no gut issues. If that's you then the anti-inflammatory plan would be a better fit.

However, there are many who suffer from debilitating GI pain and have yet to find relief. After talking to your doctor and deciding that a LOW FODMAP protocol is worth trying, send me an email or sign up for the Low FODMAP meal plan!

Interested in learning more? Shoot me a comment below, a DM on instagram or email !

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