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New Year New Nutrition: 2017 Highlights and Looking Ahead to 2018

As we are tying up the end of year 2017 I think it's the perfect time to reflect on what went well and what to improve on for next year. I'm sharing my 2017 highlights but I want to know what YOURS are, so please share them in the comments below!


Athleta Ambassadorship: In April I became an Athleta Ambassador for Denver Cherry Creek. Now I'm able to share nutrition, health and wellness tips with Athleta's community on Instagram and in store events. The next workshop is called New Year New Nutrition and it's January 20th. Sign up it's absolutely free!

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek in San Fran

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

Athleta Ambassador Cherry Creek

TV Segments: I appeared on News Channel 2 on 3 separate occasions and was interviewed by Scripps Media and appeared on news channels all over the country.

Misleading claims on your favorite foods​

Some Restaurant Chains get an F for Antibiotic Use

Grab and Go snacks for back to school​

National Picnic Day-Chicken Salad Pita Recipe

Healthy Eating Tips

Monica Salafia TV Nutrition Expert
Monica Salafia TV Nutrition Expert

Master's Degree: I graduated with a Masters in Applied Nutrition from Sage Graduate Schools which means school's out for EVER! Well, I mean unless I pursue a PhD but that's not on the radar for now.

New & Improved Website: I transferred my domain to a new website so I could essentially start fresh. This meant I lost blogs but it also meant I could reorganize and focus on the message I wanted to share.

Recipe Development & Food Photography & Writing Gigs: I was able to collaborate with some super rad brands this year. Sharing recipes, nutrition research and food photos with brands like Stillwater.brands, Whole Foods Colorado, and gives me the confidence to keep doing this more.

Sweet Chili Mango Overnight Oats

Marijuana Smoothie Bowl

Hosted a 6 week Nutrition Lifestyle Challenge at a Gym:

One of my favorite projects to date, I collaborated with another Athleta Ambassador who owns CrossFit DeCo and ran a challenge for her members. They got meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and points for every task they completed to win a grand prize. It was so fun and a great learning experience. I can't wait to host more in gyms throughout Denver this 2018!

I got a cat and a dog! Now I have 3 pets: Ingrid, Tito and Belinda, and I'm not at all surprised that this is who I am, haha. I love them so much and they bring me so much joy. I am a huge advocate for #adoptdontshop and not only does it give the animal a loving home, it also boosts mental health and frees up space for another dog or cat at the shelter.

Ingrid and Tito

Belinda Aussie Sheperd Mix

I on-boarded monthly nutrition coaching clients: I opened up my "doors" to accept clients for individual nutrition counseling. I'm so excited to be taking on clients for the year of 2018 and working with local gyms and fitness studios to bring their members nutrition advice!

Bullet Journaling: This is my newest obsession! Bullet journaling has inspired me to put my goals into action (which is something I talk to my clients a lot about!).

NASM Personal Training Certification: I finally worked on my fitness passion and became a personal trainer! I'm not seeing clients yet but I am hired to be a group fitness instructor at Carla Madison Rec Center for Denver Parks and Recreation! I'll be teaching 4 classes:

Tuesday 5:45 pm- 6:45pm

Thursday 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Sunday 8:45 am- 9:45 am, 10- 11 am

New Apartment

We moved! Just to a new apartment down the street but I decided in 2016 that 2017 would be the year of "movement" and moving addresses I think demonstrates that to a tee.


Now, 2017 wasn't just a highlight reel. There were some bummers , of course but both the highlights and the bummers of 2017 fuel me for 2018. They probably do for you, too!

One of the major bummers was not making enough time to see my family. That will change and I'm already planning my travel plans to prioritize that.

I also learned that some of the ways I can improve for next year which is why sharing my highlights was so helpful in constructing 2018 goals.

Do you have any highlights from 2017? Share in the comments below!

And if improving your nutritional wellbeing is one of your 2018 goals, sign up for monthly nutrition counseling!

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