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Not Your Average Meal Plans

I have debated whether or not to have meal plans or to not have meal plans. Obviously, I went with having them but that's because it's not your average meal plan.

With my clients, self-efficacy is on the front of my mind. What is self-efficacy? It's the skill of a can-do will-do attitude. Meal plans, in my opinion, generally don't give anyone self-efficacy because people rely on them.

And because people rely on them, they tend to ignore what they're feeling and their hunger levels. Intuitive eating principles go out the window.

Also how many days are included in the plan? 1? 3? 5? 21? Then what happens when the person gets sicks of the plan?...

On the other hand, when I think back to my childhood and helping my mom make a grocery list she chose recipes for our family dinner, then made grocery list and went shopping.

The struggle was finding something 4 kids and 2 adults liked . To be fair, my mom likes everything it was the rest of us who had picky eating tendencies.

She also had to balance and plan what meals she would cook when.

On Tuesday she had late night fitness classes, so it made sense to make a crockpot meal those days. So really, my mom was meal planning and following a meal plan that suited her goals : feed family and be within budget.

Sure her "meal plan" only included dinners, because for the most part my family was all over the place in the morning. Kids all 3 years apart meant no one was eating breakfast at the same time. Dad went to work and for the most part just drank coffee...

Lunch varied, obviously again for the reason of kids being at different grade levels we ate different lunches. Some brought, some bought. We mixed it up. Dinner was the meal easiest to plan and made it really easy for my mom to organize her week.

So with those memories, I decided offering meal plans that focus on recipes and grocery shopping lists met the needs of people wanting to have nutritious meals for the family or just 1 person. The meal plans also turn a list of recipes into a grocery list with a simple click of a button. Pretty cool!

Also, there are ZERO rules with the meal plans. Mixing and matching is encouraged. The meal plans are simply designed to bring a little bit more organization to planning meals, shopping for them, and prepping them. Ultimately, it leads to eating nutritious meals throughout the week, and isn't that the ultimate goal?

Intuitive Principle 10: Honor Your Health. I believe its okay to have tools to help you honor your health that don't include stress inducing caloric restrictions or yes-food and no-foods.

The meal plans I provide can be tailored to specific needs ie.

As a Registered Dietitian I want to help every person optimize their nutritional needs free of judgement. My only 1 "requirement" is that most of the meals you make are enjoyable and that you cook :)! And not even all of the time...just most of the time!

So if you are interested in having more organization with planning meals, grocery shopping and prepping then these meal plans are for you! I use them daily and especially for events. When i want to prepare a meal for a crowd or give out healthy food samples during a nutrition workshop, I go to the meal plan, find some recipes and create a grocery list. It keeps me SO organized!

One more thing. I experience creativity shortages. Sometimes I just don't want to think about what to make for dinner, ya feel me? And I know I'm not alone here. So sometimes it is nice to be provided with recipes to cook so my mental energy can be placed elsewhere.

These meal plans are great for any population!

Interested in signing up? Click here!

Still have questions? Shoot me an email, happy to answer any questions.

Also, if you are a gym or studio owner and think your members would benefit from an RD on site to do nutrition counseling, let's connect! I am studying to be a Board Certified Sports Dietitian (CSSD) See more about that here. Or just get right to the email here!

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