The plate method is such a simple method because it relies on the rule of 3s and our brains LOVE things in threes!

So what are the 3 things you should have on most of your plates most of the times?

I recommend as a guideline:
a protein , a starch, and a non starchy veggie! That’s it! Just build your plate with these 3 things.

This is a guide you can take with you at home, at a catered work lunch, at the Whole Foods salad bar when you meet up with friends, a restaurant . You get my point!

But Monica what about fruit? And fats!? .
Fruits are perfect additions to a meal, go ahead and add those to the non starchy veggies or if you want to make that your starch for that meal that works too!

Fats generally hang out in youre protein foods, or the veggies you cook them in so rarely do we need to add fat however if you are low in fats throughout the day then add a drizzle of EVOO , PB, hummus or whatever oil of choice to make the meal more satiating.

But simplicity just remember the basics 3s: protein, starch, non starchy veggie

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What do you think?! Happy to learn what helps you ge