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Have Yourself a Foodie Adventure in San Francisco: The Must Dos, Sees, and Must Eats!

Wow! Can you believe it's November 1st already? I am trying to still wrap my head around the fact that my trip to San Francisco was already over 2 weeks ago. It's about time I get to writing about it. I cannot wait to tell you how you to can have yourself a Foodie Adventure in San Francisco!

First the Must Dos. When you go to San Francisco you MUST DO these things:

1) Book a Hotel that is in Union Square or at least close enough by.

Zack and I stayed in the Axiom Hotel which was literally the most ideal place I can imagine staying in the city. For starters, the hotel is in front of Powell Street Trolley Turn Around so if you're itching to ride a trolley, and get in line for it early (oh yes, there was always a line) then you'll love this hotel. Second, when you're traveling you're going to rack up some coin taking Ubers/Lyfts but if you stay at the Axiom Hotel you can literally walk to so many cool places. My favorites were the Ferry St Farmer's Market, 2 Fitness Studios I tried, Trader Joe's (yup, I consider that a highlight) and tons of restaurants!

Another great part of Axiom Hotel other than it's convenient location was the vibe. They cater to people who work on their computers and rely on high-speed WiFi, like ahem bloggers, or remote employees. Also, they had free coffee and tea every morning and a full lounge/hangout area with arcade games, full length mirrors and a really cozy bed. Heck Yes!

Also, the gym which they called CORE had everything you need to get a great workout in: kettlebells, dumbbells, a bench, treadmills. No they didn't have a squat rack or any 45 Lb barbells but I think it's okay to spare the heavy deadlifts for when you're not on vacation (?) I dunno, that's just me. I had a great workout I combined upper & lower body. Although, we walked so freaking much that I probably could have gone without the workout. But working out is fun! Speaking of that...

2) Book yourself a class at a fitness studio you don't have in your hometown.

Obviously, this is for my fitness enthusiasts out there. I immediately looked to see which fitness studios were nearby/ within walking distance so I could schedule in some workout time but also get a true feel for what it would be like if i lived there. I love visitng gyms and fitness studios in Denver, so why not do it in San Fran!?

I went to SoulCycle which is not in Denver so I obviously had to try it and I went to Core40 which is a lagree studio and ...if you've nevr tried lagree...GO BOOK A CLASS! Hot damn, it's so hard but it feels so good!!

Both SoulCycle and CORE40 were within walking distance of Axiom hotel so I just walked to my morning workout class and walked back. Like I said, we got a lot of steps in San Francisco but the weather was gorgeous everyday, all we wanted to do was be outside!

3) Definitely go to Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on a Saturday.

The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is bumpin' on Saturdays with all of the outdoor vendors selling everything from fresh produce to hummus to baked goods. Yes, yes, yes! Indoors there are a bunch of boutique shops and then we stumbled upon this bakery. The cinnamon buns looked amazing! Also, I figured this is useful because my gluten-free peeps know where they can visit for a GF treat. PS the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market was also within walking distance.

The Must Sees

1) You absolutely must see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Is this even a question? Walking across the bridge is not only a thrill but also just completing amazing to think that we freaking built this. Humans! Like we can't figure out if bathrooms should be labeled Man Woman or Gender Neutral but we can build a big ass bridge! Good job on that! (The other things, we still gotta figure it out...) So definitely go on the Golden Gate Bridge, snap a pic. My only regret was not bringing a rock to throw off the side and watch it land in the water. Is that weird? Anyone else have a that urge? Maybe not. Anywhoo! On to the next Must See.

2)Palace of the Fine Arts

Just wow. This architecture, again an amazing feat by our kind and what a serene place. It's no wonder there were 3 bridal parties getting photos done, clearly locals and tourists alike know the beauty of this place. But it wasn't that crowded either so you could enjoy it. On the day we went to the Palace of Fine Arts we walked there from Pier 39, which I don't actually recommend because it was a pretty far walk! We ended up taking an Uber from there to the Golden Gate Bridge because we were kind of set with walking haha! But walk, drive, take a bike, I don't care how you ge there but you must see this beautiful place.

3) The Seals! And Pier 39 which is where the seals are.

I loved Pier 39. So quick background, I love seafood and grew up with a Bostonian mama and Sicilian Dad so fish, shrimp, clams, you name it if it;s form the ocean I'll eat it. But ever since moving to Denver, I never really get that fresh seafood feel. Does it stop me? Heck no. Salmon please! But when you are in San Francisco and quite literally everything is so fresh it just tastes tremendously different and amazing.

Lastly on to the Must Eats! My favorite part and what made this a Foodie Adventure!

1) Order lunch at Pier Market Seafood Restaurant.

We didn't have a long wait, maybe 10 minutes, but almost every other restaurant had a 30+minutes wait. I mean we were looking for lunch at 1 o'clock on a Saturday in one of the most tourist-y spots in SF so, yeah, what do you expect. BUT SO WORTH IT!

I ordered mussels as an app and then a salmon salad for entree. Zack ordered a clam chowdah , which the locals say is an absolute must. I gave it a try. Clam chowdah has never really been my thing, but I gave it a whirl. Pretty tasty but I was all about my salmon salad. Zack raved about his salmon burger.

2) Devour a pastry, morning bun, or both at Tartine Bakery.

Hello, this was amazing. I also love baked goods so probably biased but Tartine Bakery is this neighborhood bakery thats famous for its amazing bread (they must have great yeast int he air over there!) and pastries. What I'm about to show you is what Zack and I ordered for just the 2 of us. I'm not kidding, 85% of what is shown was eaten. What I didn't care for and what Zack couldn't finish we boxed up and gave it to a homeless person.

The lineup included 1 hazelnut biscotti, 1 lemon tart, 1 chocolate hazelnut tart, 1 morning bun, and 1 crossiant. My favorites were definitely the lemon tart and the morning bun. I've never eaten a crossiant before and someone on Instagram recommended it to me so I ordered it. I didn't like it, just not a croissant person. But the morning bun, that was delicious as was the lemon tart. That lemon-y citrus flavor paired with the buttery crust and dollop of fresh cream DELIGHTFUL!