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Sunday Writing Sessions: Taking Risks

My goal to write every morning is going strong. This morning I wanted to write. blog on Kodiak Cakes because of an event I was invited to attend last Thursday: Yoga & Happy Hour. But I was in the kitchen, washing dishes and didn't want to dirty up more dishes to make the pancakes and write the blog. So instead I figured I'd write about my Sunday Morning Strategy Session - the time of the morning where eI plan the weeks workouts, meals, and work stuff.

When I sat down in bed, cozied up to my loves, I cracked open my Make Shit Happen journal and read the quote at the top:

Source: Make Shit Happen Journal by Meraki Printing

So instead of writing about my Sunday Morning Strategy Session, I was inspired to write about the concept of taking risks. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen the post.

How many times a day do you think about your existence? I think about it a lot. A lot, a lot. I think about how stupid and wonderful things are everyday and I tell people around me. For example, when the weather last week is snowy and the city of Denver shut down but yesterday I was outside in 78 degree sunny weather, I found myself think this makes NO sense. But I was here for it ☀️. Taking risks doesn’t make sense either. You’re literally making a decision to do something that can “fail”.

You’re at a fork in the road and deciding what’s safe is versus what’s not and you’re purposely choosing to do what not “safe”. .

That doesn’t make any sense from an evolution stand point. We have the very fight or flight response so that we avoid, handle and escape risk not move towards it. I’m using quotes around fail and safe because obviously failure and safety are relative but no matter what we all know those feelings when we take a risk. .

In 1 year I’ve taken the biggest risks I’ve ever made in my in my life and all I can say is so far, so great.

I’m not going to say “it has all paid off” because I’m still taking risks on top of the ones I made before.

Every decision I make is with the intention of pushing me to that next level, whatever that may be. . So when I turned the page to a brand new week in my @merakiprinting Make Shit Happen journal, I read the weekly quote by @amypohler above and decided that this is what I’m going to write about today

Tag someone whose taking a risk or needs the nudge to do so ✨💕

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