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10 Thoughts Every RD2BE Has About the RD Exam

1) AHH! This is the most important exam of my entire life!

Repeat: I don't need a 100, I just need to pass. Now breathe...

2) Jean Inman is bae.

Literally, studying is priority.

3) Can I bring a water bottle to the test?

I swear I'm gonna get hypernatremic up in that test center.

4) Please don't give me the "Impossible Food Service Question"

Labor Cost/meal = Total Labor Expenses/ # of meals (# of meals = Total Sales/ Meal Equivalents) +Total pt meals served)


5) I'll take all the pep talk I can get.

Thanks, DAD!

6) This:

Definitely thinking about this.

7) Is it normal to dream that I didn't pass the exam...twice?!

There must be too much cortisol running through me.

8) What should I eat before the exam?

Glucose is the brain's preferred fuel source so give me the glucose!

9) Will there be balloons after?

Seriously though, there should be someone handing you balloons after the test.

10) Am I really studying this right now?

Also, don't forget your scoops sizes, the renal diet, Mifflin equation, the theories of management, steatorrhea, dysphagia diet, function of eggs...

11) But the one thought that makes it all worth it:


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