Memorial Day Weekend symbolizes so many different things. For most of us it means to honor those who fought for our liberties and it also is a sign of summer. Families gather, backyard barbeques commence and pool parties are hoppin’ assuming the weather is cooperating.

Driving to Aspen is scenic and the views of all of the pristine mountains and the crisp blue sky contrasting with the white snow make for a beautiful drive. Not only that, but Independence Pass was officially open the two days before. Independence Pass is a monumental drive in the state, and arguably the entire country. If you are afraid of heights this is quite the thrilling drive. But safety first, driving cautiously you’ll be fine and the views are incredible.

​​I drove through Independence pass and I could not believe how we as humans pretty much decide we get whatever we want. We wanted to build a road through these mountain, well we go it. The snow was plowed on the road but you could easily tell that there was 10 -12 feet of snow all along the road. It was pretty cool to see. But even cooler than that was watching the most badass people in the state ski down these down these mountains!

How cool is that?! People trek up the mountain in their ski boots and ski down these open trails. Backcountry skiing at its finest. I was just in awe of these incredible acts of human physiology. To hike up a mountain in that high of altitude and then ski down is such an impressive feat. I’m not sure how long people are able to ski in Independence Pass but if you venture through Indy Pass at the end of May you are sure to see the skiers and snowshoers!

​​Aspen is a quaint city at the foot of the most beautiful mountains. I stayed at Hotel Aspen which was a wonderful little nook for the weekend. Complete with a pool, jacuzzi, hot breakfast bar that was dietitian approved, free bikes and a collection of DVDs to watch. Surrounding the hotel was a lush park, a cool nature trail, and the main streets of Aspen. Hotel Aspen is so close to everything that I was able to walk everywhere, which as an active chica, I really enjoyed!

​​The gondola had an amazing deal that included unlimited rides up the mountain and a 10$ voucher for lunch at Sundeck!

I’m going to talk about fear of heights again here because obviously if you are afraid of heights you might want to skip the Gondola ride. But if you can handle it, it’s so beautiful and I have been on gondola rides in Sicily through Taormina so I knew this ride would be just as safe and beautiful.

​​If you got your mind on nutrition the Sundeck restaurantis the perfect ski mountain lunch spot. I got a Power Greens salad which had the most delicate green leafys and kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, a touch of red onion, and edamame with a fillet of salmon.

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder, which I recommend listening to if you’re into murder cases.

Justice Snow’s was a restaurant right on Hyman St.

​​Memorial Day Weekend Getaway To Aspen, Colorado

The special pasta entree caught my attention first. It was made with homemade fettuccine, mussel, shrimps, caviar, and some spring time veggies. I ordered the Salmon with charred farro, blistered tomatoes and asparagus. It was topped with pea tendrils, which by the way, I am officially obsessed with pea tendrils. Ahh! They are so good and delicate. I would describe the flavor to be like citrus without the sour but slightly sweet. I asked the waitress what they were and she told me Pea Tendrils! Locally grown pea tendrils from the farmers market. Im telling you, these are a must if you’re into garnishing your meals. The whole meal was fantastic!

​​This was place was AMAZING! It had fresh gelato in dozens of flavors and baked goods, speciality coffee drinks and teas. They even had this tray of crumbled muffins and cookies for taste testing. I was in heaven. I love cookies!

​​It was a truly perfect memorial day weekend getaway!