I sat down to find out what are the best Daily Harvest smoothies and bowls for pre and post workout and here are my answers!

What is Daily Harvest?

In case you don’t know about Daily Harvest it is a fruit & vegetable-forward meal prep service. I thin of it like a healthier juice cleanse because you can order individual containers; they’re loaded with fruits and vegetables kind of like juices.

Why is it better? Because it’s giving you the whole fruit and vegetable which means you benefit from what researchers call the food matrix. None of the fibers or other nutrients are stripped away from processing so you get all of the nutrients, the non and the unknown from the plants.

You can head to their website and see they offer smoothies, oat bowls, harvest bowls, chia bowls, bites, and they even have specialty drinks.

The best part about them? They go above and beyond the traditional fruits and veggies we all now and love. They have unique ingredients and all of them are anti-inflammatory to the body. Anti-Inflammatory is super high priority in my athlete clients.

Why Are Anti-Inflammatory Foods Good for My Workouts?

First, inflammation is a natural process. We want and have pro-inflammatory pathways and anti-inflammatory pathways in our body. People think that anything that’s pro inflammatory in Nour bodies is bad, but it’s the very pro-inflammatory process that heals you when you have a cut.

However, many people have too much of the pro-inflammation going on in their bodies. That can be a result of air pollution, drug use, life stress, exercise and of course diet which is what I spend all of my time helping people work on.

Diets that are anti-inflammatory are colorful and rich in antioxidants like lutein, anthocyanins, beta-carotene, tocopherol…but rather than tell people to name sure they eat these phytochemical I just say:

Eat your colorful plants, all of them, a variety of them, every single day for optimal health.

Daily Harvest is making that easy when they pack 1-2 servings of colorful plants in each container you order. But making the choice of which Daily Harvest bowl to order can be overwhelming. It was for me at first until I sat down one morning and reviewed all of the options. By doing that I came up with a list of my favorites for pre and post workout!

Best Daily Harvest Smoothies And Bowls For Pre And Post Workout

What Daily Harvest Bowls Are Good Pre & Post Workout?

Any Daily Harvest Smoothie with above 10 grams of protein is my preferred choice for either pre or post workout. On their website, you can filter for High Protein but I recommend filtering out high protein + paleo when you go to the Daily Harvest website. Most likely you are able to get the most protein-calories in the container.

For more carbohydrate-calories the vegan bowls are a good choice and if you’re looking for higher fats, filter out keto.

Cacao & Avocado 21 grams of protein and 510 calories.
Vanilla & Cacao 15 grams of protein and 500 calories.
Cherry Almond 11 grams of protein and 280 calories.
Chocolate Almond Chia Bowl 12 grams of protein for half of the container or 24 grams for the whole, which is 560 calories.
Broccoli & Cheeze 10 grams of protein and 240 calories.

I am getting 2 Daily Harvest deliveries this week and will show you in more detail what I ordered & why in an upcoming video!