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What Are The Most Nutrient Dense Foods at Trader Joe's?

If you want to know what the most nutrient dense foods are at Trader Joe's you'll love this blog post! I am giving you the top food sources for essential vitamins and minerals. You can take a multi-vitamin but I'd rather you eat whole foods first!

Today’s grocery haul @traderjoes Was vitamin focused! Thinking about the fall & cold season where lots of immune systems get challenged.

The best defense against the seasonal sickness? Whole Foods baby 🙌🏼 so I put together my grocery list and I’m sharing it with you. 

Everything with an [x] means I found it at my Trader Joe’s. Stay tuned for meals inspired by these vitamin-rich grabs! . VITAMIN A - [x] Carrot juice - [x] Carrots - [x] Sweet potato FOLATE - [x] Breakfast cereal fortified - [x] Great Northern Beans - [x] Broccoli B6 - [x] Banana - [x] Pork loin B12 - [ ] Rainbow trout - really great source but I couldn't actually find any at Trader Joe's. - [x] Egg - [x] Yogurt VITAMIN C - [x] Red bell - -[x] Kiwi - [x] Orange - [x] Strawberries VITAMIN E - [x] sunflower seeds - [x] Peanut butter - [x] 🥑 Avocado VITAMIN K - [x] Brussels sprouts - [x] Cauliflower VITAMIN D - [ ] Herring - [ ] Halibut - [x] Oysters CHROMIUM - [ ] Brewers yeast - [x] Broccoli

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