Happy International yoga Day! This weekend really felt like summer in Denver! Friday night I spent my rest day at Yoga Pod Lowry taking my very first aerial yoga class. Saturday morning Yoga on the Rocks kicked off my weekly workouts and I celebrated my birthday Tuesday with Watermelon cake.

Friday is my rest day and if you saw my last weekly workout post I mentioned that I actually rest on my rest days. I don’t go to workout classes or to the gym. However, I did find myself in an aerial yoga class at YogaPod Lowry Friday afternoon. It was very relaxing and so I still consider it rest.

Aerial yoga is the yoga that lets you hang in silks. It was so fun to be flipping upside down like I was a little girl on the monkey rings! We did excellent hip opening stretches, some warriors, and then ended by basically laying inside a cocoon we made from our silks. It was extremely serene.

Friday night is also grocery shopping night so Zack and I went to Trader Joe’s! Check out my $45 Trader Joe’s shopping list if you haven’t yet. Anywhoo, when we got home we wanted to have an easy night in. We had to wake up early for Saturday morning Yoga on the Rocks!

Saturday morning started at 5:30ish in the morning and we were out the door, in the car on route to Red Rocks Amphitheater by 6am.

If you haven’t been to Yoga at Red Rocks then add that to your bucket list, make it a goal and get there! It’s one of the coolest experiences if you’re into nature and yoga.

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Yoga On The Rocks And Weekly Workout
The best part was that my dear friend Kady Lafferty, founder of Big Booty Yoga led the 2500 something yogis for her second year in a row! She is an instructor at The River Yoga Studio. Kady also hosts her own themed yoga classes, my personal fave was 24K Magic Yoga which was ALL Bruno Mars.

Yoga on the Rocks is an early morning event which is fantastic for morning people. Why is it so early? Because it gets hot quickly!

Outfit details:

Top-Studio Crop Tank by Athleta

Sports Bra-Criss Cross Strappy Bra by Forever21

Bottoms-Colorblock 7/8 Tights by Athleta

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Now on to my weekly workouts! I started sharing my workouts last week and here is this weeks!

Weekly Workout Overview:

Weekly Workout Overview by Day

By the way, my workout weeks starts on Saturdays!

SS= superset- repeat one move after another with no rest

TS= triple set- repeat all 3 moves, then rest

DS= dropset- start with heaviest weight then rep it out to failure, drop the weight and repeat

AR= Active rest- after the working set the 45 secs, 60 secs, or 90 sec rest period will be spent jumping rope, doing abs, or something else to keep heart rate elevated.

DB= Dumbbells KB= Kettlebells BB= Barbells

OH= Overhead press
St. = Standing

Saturday: Yoga on the Rocks

Total Time: about 55 minutes

Sunday: Total Body Circuit + 24 Minute Tabata

Total time for total body circuit: 20 minutes GO HEAVY!
Total time for tabata: 24 minutes

Total Body Circuit: Repeat 2 times, no rest in between each SS until ALL “stations” are complete.

  • SS:KB Front Squat / KB Upright Row X 6 each set
  • SS: KB Deadlift / KB Alt Row x 6 each set
  • SS:Hanging Leg raise/ KB Tricep extension x 6
  • SS: Squat with OH KB Press / Legs over KB
  • SS: Med Ball Slams/ Pushups
  • SS:Ab Roller (or TRX)/ Plank with Hip Dips x 6

I did that circuit at my home gym, then taught my 2 group fitness classes. At home I went to my apartment’s fitness studio to practice Tabata workout I was doing for a video shoot. This was a bodyweight only workout.

Tabata: I did THIS 24 minute Tabata

Note- the playlist for this is on Spotify!

Monday: Abs & Booty Bodyweight workout, 24 Minute Tabata

Abs & Booty

Total Time including warm up and cool down 30 minutes.

I didn’t get the details because another instructor led this 30 minutes abs and booty. It was basically non stop abs and lower body moves for 30 minutes.

Tabata: Same as above

Tuesday: Upper Body Weight Lifting {at home gym}

Total Time:30 minutes
Warm up: 5 x 5 pull ups no assistance

  • TS: Low Cable Rows/ OH DB Press/ Knee Tuck ins x 25
  • TS: Overhand Barbell Row / Side Lat DB Raises / Leg raises x 25
  • TS:KB Rows/ Arnold Press/ TRX Knee Drives x 25

I did 25 repetitions of everything because this day was my 25th birthday!

Wednesday: Lower Body Weight Lifting {at home gym}

Total time: 60 minutes + I did it with a friend!

Warm up: Side Steps with Band 3 x 25 e. side/Squats

  • Tabata 1: Stiff Leg DB Deadlift/ Plie DB Squats
  • Tabata 2:Weighted Barbell steps Up/GH Extension
  • Tabata 3:Single Leg Hip Thrust on BOSU Alt Left and Right side
  • Tabata 4:Side Lunges with KB / Jumping Lunges
  • Tabata 5: Front Squats KB/ KB Swings
  • Tabata 6:Medicine Ball slam Pyramid scheme / Pushups
  • Tabata 7:TRX Bicep Curls/ TRX Ab “rollers”

Cool down: Stretching on a mat

Thursday: Total Body

Total time: doing this today!

Warm up:Stair mill x 5-10 minutes if available

Cycling on Spinner Bike x 25 minutes

TS: Medicine Ball Power Press x 12

Stability Ball “Stir the Pot” x 10/side
BOSU Ball Lateral jumps

TS:40 second all out pace on treadmill
Bicep Curls x 12
Split Jump Lunges x 8-12/side

Friday: REST Day // May do aerial Yoga @ YogaPod Lowry Dumbbell Kickbacks x 12Plank x 90 secondsTS: Walking Lunges x 12/side

Grocery List for last week:
Proteins: ground turkey, oysters, chicken breast
Carbohydrates: red lentils, sweet potatoes
Fruits & Veggies: frozen strawberries, watermelon, riced broccoli, peppers

Other: capers, coffee, mixed nuts

Also I was gifted Mesa Vida Cooking Sauces and they were delicious! I am working on a few recipes for them and let me just say they make healthy cooking SO EASY!