You're Beautiful the Way You Are HIIT Workout

You are Beautiful the Way You Are HIIT workout

It never ceases to amaze me how many pins on Pinterest tell me how to get...

  • great abs

  • a great butt

  • a flat tummy

  • a curvy body

  • sculpted shoulders

  • 6-pack abs

  • bubble butt

What's annoying is that a lot of these pins actually have great workouts on them, so I want to re-pin them but I don't want to be reminded of society's culture of the ideal woman's body every time I go to sweat. I workout because I just freaking love it. I am excited to move, I look forward to breaking up my day with a little bit of an endorphin rush.

Yes, the physique changes I get form working out are nice too but I promise that is not my motivator. I know its not my motivator because I workout no matter what I look like. Over the last almost 10 years my body has looked so many different ways but my love for fitness hasn't changed.

I workout because I love it. So I wanted to make a pin that anyone can pin without feeling like they need to change their body.

This workout is also a great one to do when you are working remotely or, heck, why not do it own the office? It's only 10 minutes and your heart rate will get right up there! You'll feel energized, satisfied, and the focus you'll gain after doing this workout will,l be so worth it!

Happy HIIT-ing!