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In Films About Food and Nutrition Why Aren't Dietitians Part of the Conversation

Watching "foodie" documentaries stir up the conversation about food and nutrition. But the one thing they all fail to do is mention Registered Dietitians (aka Registered Dietitian Nutritionists). So my response to Fed Up is this; in films about food and nutrition why aren't Registered Dietitians part of the conversation? There are zero interviews with Dietitians Who gets interviewed in Fed Up? Obesity researchers do, and so does Bill Clinton, Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Margo Wootan, and food company representatives. Don't get me wrong, they are all important players in creating healthy environments but none of them are trained to assess patients, identify what behaviors are causing their

Nutrition Stripped Recipes I Love

We all have someone we look up to. In the nutrition/food blogging arena, McKel Hill RDN, owner & founder of Nutrition Stripped, is one of my biggest inspirations. I started following her when she had a blog and watched it turn into the amazing society it is today. Her style is impeccable; she focuses on plant-based ingredients and combines them to create wonderful and unique dishes. I wouldn't have ever tried Goji berries had it not been for her Moroccan Style Stuffed Peppers. Here is a link to what I have tried so far: Baked eggs with garlic kale and sun dried tomatoes Turmeric milk Moroccan quinoa stuffed peppers Quinoa black bean taco lettuce wraps Find your Nutrition Stripped favorites h

Crockpot Turkey Tagine Recipe and Cooking at Sur La Table

We generally think of chicken, fish, and beef (steak) and pork when cooking dinner or dining out but generally don't think of or see turkey. Just take a look at a few restaurant menus. There is always at least one chicken entree, when turkey could be an easy substitute. I went to a cooking class at Sur La Table in Cherry Creek and the 3 recipes we made were all turkey recipes. I should mention that it was the National Turkey Federation that hosted the cooking class ; ) . Either way, the presenter made a good point because turkey really isn't represented in the food service industry unless it's served with cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes around the holidays. At this particular class we r

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