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Exercise Because it's Fun, Be the Weird One, and Vote

In one of my graduate courses, we are given forums to discuss certain topics related to weight management. This weeks forum topic was on physical activity and weight loss. The forum accompanies a lecture which relevant statistics are provided and why some information in this post is not explained. Thoughts on physical activity and weight loss We can probably all agree that exercise is a good way to burn a few extra calories but dietary intervention makes a much stronger impact. Even personal trainers recognize their clients won't make any progress if they don't change their diet. Working with a personal trainer and a dietitian is a dream team :o) Calorie density is probably the biggest rea

Noom Review - The Ideal Weight Loss Program Isn't a Diet, it's an App Called Noom

Time, cost, and convenience are common barriers to living healthier but mobile health-apps like Noom Coach might just be the answer to all three. The three-pronged approach to a healthier lifestyle includes three critical strategies: nutrition therapy, planned exercise beyond everyday activities, and working with a qualified health care professional like a Registered Dietitian (RD or RDN), Registered Nurse, or Psychologist. Guidance and evidence-based information provides lasting improvements to those managing their weight or diabetes (1). Health care professionals and researchers are trying desperately to curb the rapidly increasing rates of obesity and diabetes. In some states, obesity aff

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