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3 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care This Weekend

There is a whole philosophy of self love and self care that we can explore but I wanted to share the 3 most basic, but effective self love practices that you can do every weekend! 1. Workout for pleasure. Take the first block of time in your weekend to move that body! Do what you love, do something different. If you always go to the gym to lift weights, take a group fitness class. If you have been dying to go to a lagree studio, go for it. Weekends are the perfect time to try something new. 2. Nourish yourself with healthy, filling, delicious food. Healthy looks different to everyone. Yes, there are essential nutrients we have to, have to get through foods because we cannot make it ourselves

FitFoodie 5K Recap & Blogger Social Club

Will run for ____? Thanks to the cookie emoji, Saturday was my first official 5K run in Westminster, CO! Why am I thanking the cookie emoji? Well, that was my answer to the FitFoodie 5K Instagram challenge where we had to answer the question: Will run for ______? We could only answer in emojis, so naturally I responded with my favorite dessert: the cookie. I won and since I was the Instagram winner that meant I could register for the race fo free! And bring along some fitfoodie pals for free! So Saturday morning myself & 3 other fitfoodies ran a 5k race. The course was set up in Westminster City park. There was food along the course and the first stop was an energy ball made with Californ

6 Simple Smoothie Bowl Recipes that are Healthy and Delicious

I don't know what it is about eating something, cold and creamy from bowl with a spoon. While many of us wish we could eat ice cream 3 times a day, that isn't the most well balanced eating pattern. Smoothie Bowls, that is the answer! They are cold, they are creamy, and actually nourishing! While I still don't recommend you eat 3 a day, you might be interested in making room for 1 in your day :). That's why I've collected 6 of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes to try out. PS. I add protein powder to all of my smoothies and you totally don't have to if that's not your thing! Here are some real food proteins you can add. However, I cannot promise they will taste as good! Instead of 1 scoop of p

My True Love for True Food Kitchen Denver

I may have talked about True Food Kitchen once or twice but it's only because it's a must-go to when in Denver. It's not just the food I love, it's the entire concept. The open kitchen, the ingredients on display, the natural decor. Everything ties together for one ultra-foodie experience, especially for the health conscious ones :). Anti-Inflammatory True Food Kitchen is founded on the anti-inflammatory diet, now I'm not one for "diets". If you look at the foods in this menu they are all just nutrient-rich, mostly plant-based foods. True Food Kitchen uses ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and are found in other health-promoting "diets" like the Mediterranean and DASH diets. The lowdown

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