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How to Survive Parties when You Don't Drink Alcohol

I love Halloween! I love dressing up, I love how creative people get and I love how some costumes conjure up fun memories like your favorite movies as a kid (Ace Ventura Pet Detective!). This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday so last night (Saturday) was the night to costume-party our hearts out. I was so excited that my friend hosted a Day of the Dead Rock Star Halloween Party. We dressed up like dead rock stars and called each other by our rock star names. I was Selena Quintanilla Perez (RIP 1995) and Zack was Freddie Mercury (RIP 1991) if we called each other by our real names, we had to drink. Except, I don't drink. Then I thought there are probably people who also don't drink but still

Not Your Average Meal Plans

Registered dietitians provides a different type of meal plan to be a tool for you to get healthy meals on your dinner table and keep you fee

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