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How to Grow Inner Self Confidence & 5 Practices I Do That Help

That's a really cheesy blog title: "how to grow inner self confidence" like I'm some wise, omniscient human who never feels down about myself. That is SO SO SO SO untrue, I definitely have my moments of picking at my fleshy being and I definitely do not know all. But I do know that self-awareness is one of the things that not every mammal has. As humans we are uniquely hyper aware of our own physicality. Unlike the macaques that do not notice a red sticker on their faces, we notice in an instant when a blemish pops up. Oh hey, that wasn't there 4 minutes ago...(me when I hop on Instastory). And with social media being how we connect it's how we view ourselves and others. We really want to pu

Denver Fitness Dietitian Recommended Restaurant: True Food Kitchen Cherry Creek

True Food Kitchen has a health-inspired menu, boasts it's use of seasonal ingredients and for the Denver food scene, True Food Kitchen actually has good prices. It's one of those places that you know you'll like something on the menu no matter what. But I still like to look at what's on the menu ahead of time to pre-plan what I am going to order. I like to eat healthy most of the time and going out to eat is a more regular occurrence, not exactly a special occasion like it used to be so I try to find restaurants that offer entrees I would likely make at home. Really, I know what I am going to get for an appetizer each and every time and that is this Farmers Market Crudite. It has romaine, c

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I am breaking into a new world of blogging that I have been working towards for a while. Now you can shop my feed with and I'm going to explain how in this blog post! First, what is It's an app! Yup, apps are the way of the world. I work as a health coach for an app (Noom!) I track my Vitamin D levels in an app. I talk to my personal nutrition coaching clients in an app (Healthie) and now I share my outfits and foodie things on an app so that if you are interested in getting your shop on, you can do so easily with How to Sign Up 1. Download app and enter email & password. 2. Search for me monicasalafia.rd in the search bar to follow. 3

A Family Beach House Vacation in Englewood Florida

Talking about happier times because despite the incredibly awful, life changing news we got about our beloved cat Tito, our shortened vacation to Englewood beach was loaded with family and food and you know I am all about that. Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliates so when you click on the link and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I will earn commission and it is what helps me keep Mind on Nutrition running! Zack and I live far away from both of our parents. We grew up in upstate New York. Did I ever tell the story about how we met? Maybe another time! Anyways, we were both born and raised in upstate New York right between Lake George and Saratoga Springs. It was a great town

Our Beloved Cat Tito was Found Passed Away on Our Kitchen Floor and His Death is Unknown: A Personal

I write this with the heaviest of hearts. On Tuesday May 22nd 2018 my vacation was unexpectedly cut short. We were not prepared for the news we were about to get from our pet sitter. Our beloved Tito was found passed away on our kitchen floor and his death is unknown. Zack and I adopted our first pet, Ingrid, in fall of 2016. We had just moved to Denver May 2016 and I was committed to adopting a pet. We are both cat and dog lovers so cats, being the “easier” pet to care for especially when traveling (so we assumed) we were on the lookout. I went the Denver Cat Co on Tennyson street to work. There they have 8-9 cats running (or hiding) and all of them are adoptable, well unless there is alrea

My Favorite Whole Foods to Pack While Traveling!

Who doesn't love to travel?! Zack and I live in Denver but our families live on the East coast. We may be traveling to the northeast for Christmas or Florida for a "spring break" getaway OR exploring a cool city like San Francisco or Aspen. But before we take trips we stop at the store to get some healthy travel snacks. Here are a few of my favorite Whole Foods to pack while traveling! But first, Coffee. I like my coffee black with a splash of unsweetened almond or cashew milk. Just enough to make it change color and cool it down just a tad. But I can't realistically bring a whole half gallon of almond milk with me. I could put some in a portable water bottle but I wanted to try something ne

Spring & Summer Salad Series: Is a Salad Without Lettuce Still a Salad?

Is a salad without lettuce still a salad? Yes! Absolutely. A salad is a cold dish of mixed cooked or raw veggies. This Cauliflower Salad is the perfect example and is perfect for picnics and summer BBQs! Insalata di Cavolfiore. Say it with me now! In-sa-la-ta dee ca-vol-fee-or-ee. Great! You just said Cauliflower salad in Italian! And now I'm going to share with you how to make it and it will become one of your go to salads to bring to a picnic or a summer BBQ. A little background about this recipe: It is not my recipe. Nope! I did not come up with this. It is from my absolute favorite recipe book "The Food of Southern Italy" and I would say its the recipe I make most often. It's a snap to p

Nutrition Coaching with Monica Salafia RD: How to do a Check In

If you're reading this you have signed up for nutrition coaching , WHOO HOO and want to know how to do a check in. Read on to learn more! Oh wait, you didn't sign up for nutrition coaching but want to learn how to get started? Read this blog first! Then come back to this post ;-) Okay, onto How to do a check in! Checking in is integral for your success. The reason I only offer nutrition coaching monthly packages is because the 1 offs don't help promote behavior change and this is a major part of improving your nutrition. During the initial on boarding of nutrition coaching I send you 3 documents. One of these documents is a client update progress form. It has a few questions to get you refle

Step By Step Guide on Nutrition Coaching with Monica Salafia RD!

Did you just sign up for nutrition coaching with me or are you interested in doing so? Whoo hoo! This is going to be great! Read this blog post to get started. Step 1- Reach out! The best ways to get in touch with me are Instagram Direct Message and email I am most responsive on the 'gram and on my email and check it daily. Sometimes emails do pile up so please give me 24-72 hours to respond and I'll get back to you. In the email just say "hey, I want to get started with nutrition coaching" and I'll send you some questions and information on my nutrition coaching system. Step 2- Commit! Make the commitment to monthly nutrition coaching. My most successful clients pu

Spring & Summer Salad Series: Does Lettuce Make a Difference?

Spring & Summer Salad Series- Does Lettuce Make a Difference? You wouldn’t think that writing a blog post, let alone a blog post series, on something as simple as a salad would be possible or entertaining. Yet I’m finding myself inspired to write about this extremely easy, highly nutrient rich dish especially since the days are getting warmer and cool, refreshing meals are more likely to hit the spot! Plus I really like alliterations ;-). When we first think about salads, most of us think of a leafy component with salads. Due to impressive agricultural feats, we have an abundance of leafy veggies to chose from. Iceberg, romaine, butter, Bibb, kale, arugula…So much variety but does the type o

Mediterranean Inspired Veggie Frittata with Dairy Free Ricotta

Last night was a lot of fun at the hands-on cooking then chowin’ dinner party put together by @kitehillfoods @wellevationhqand @foodlabs in Boulder! The dinner was delicious, the company was fun and energetic. Plus I got to take home some goods and whip up this Mediterranean inspired Frittata for breakfast. . Ingredients: 1 cup of egg whites (or do 1 egg + a few whites)
2 cups raw spinach
1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp dried basil 1/4 tsp garlic powder A dash of salt . Directions: 1. Turn on broiler. 2. In a medium bowl white together egg/whites and spices.
In a hot, oven safe skillet pour in the egg/whites mix then top with spinach. 3. Mix all contents together and let sit for a few moments.

Influencer Dinner w Kite Hill at Food Labs Boulder

In case you missed my stories on Instagram here is a clip! Read on to find out more about it! May 9th Wednesday I was invited to a dinner party hosted by Kite Hill Foods. The dinner party was at Food Labs in Boulder and involved lots of cooking, eating, a nd of course chit chatting with other awesome influencers in Colorado. The event was hosted by the ever lovely Katie & Ellie co-founders of Wellevation HQ. What is Kite Hill? Kite Hill Foods specializes in nut-based cheese products. Think of any cheese product and they can make it only they don't use traditional ingredients like cow's milk. All products are made with almonds! Whaaaaat? I bet it sucks though right? Nope! Kite Hill managed to

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