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A Smoothie Bowl Recipe to Use Up Ripe Bananas | Reduce Food Waste

Food waste sucks but smoothie bowls don’t! Smoothie bowls are also a fantastic way to use up any older fruits & veggies that are near their expiration and a smoothie bowl is exactly what I made with a banana that was a bit past it’s prime! Let’s talk about WHY it’s important to care about food waste. If you care about nutrition then you should care about food waste because food is not nutritious unless it’s eaten. In my opinion, and this is an opinion, we don’t have a problem with food production we have a problem with food distribution. I think this because of the crazy amounts of food that are gone to waste! Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every ye

5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep That Make it Easier Than it Seems!

5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep That Make it Easier Than it Seems! These are the 5 untold truths about meal prep that make me actually able to get it done every week. What I’m about to share in this meal prep post is 5 things that make it possible for me to keep up with my weekly meal prep routine. I also have an episode on IGTV if you prefer to watch & listen instead of read. Granted I have been doing this meal prep thing for almost 10 years now. I started in high school. Buying food and cooking it was part of my routine and this was when Instagram wasn’t around so I wasn’t documenting my process or showing the world how to do it. To be honest, I didn’t even start using Instagram for realz

My $45 Trader Joe's Grocery Haul

Is eating healthy expensive? It can be but it can also be affordable. When I grocery shop I value saving money over saving time for most things. I shop regularly at Trader Joe's because we have one right down the street from us. This week I wanted to get serious about budgeting and limited myself to $45 on my groceries for the week. I bought $45.35 worth of food and here is my Trader Joe's grocery haul! My $45.35 Grocery Haul from Trader Joe's 2 Liquid Egg Whites ($3.99 each) 1 1/2 gallon Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk ($2.69) 1 bag of Romaine Hearts ($1.99) 1.5 lb. bag of Baby Carrots ($1.49) 1 Green Dragon Hot Sauce ($2.99) 1 Chunky Salsa ($1.99) 1 Brown Rice Cakes ($2.99) 1 lb. Ground T

A Vegan Friendly Restaurant in Denver | What I Ate and What I Wore

Dining out is one of my favorite activities for date night and just in general. It wasn't always but that's another blog post. This weekend Zack and I went to Root Down, a vegan-friendly Restaurant in Denver. It was dee-lish! I myself am not vegan but I am well versed in vegan menu planning since a lot of my personal nutrition coaching clients want to make the transition to 100% plant based and to meet their nutrition needs it helps to have an RD's eye. I'm also very aware of the amazing benefits of eating plant based and the culinary creation these days are tremendous! Think of any animal based food and there is a vegan version. Like this Mediterranean Inspired Frittata I made was dolloped

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