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A Reader Did My Workouts so Here's Another Week of Workouts!

A very special reader of mine shared with me that she did my workouts today. It reminded me how grateful I am for everyone who is in this with me and that also it has been a hot minute since my last workout post! So here is a full week of workouts for you! Shop the Athleta Outfit! (They're having a MAJOR sale right now!) Alright so my last workout post was a 50 minute Total Body Workout, that was July 2nd! So I went into my fitness and nutrition journal that I write down my workouts and turned to Saturday June 30th workout and it was a leg day! Weekly Workout Overview by Day By the way, my workout weeks starts on Saturdays! SS= superset- repeat one move after another with no rest DS= drop

Healthy Foods that Stain Your Teeth and What You Can Do to Whiten Them

This post is creative content. I strive to bring my personal experiences and evidence based practices to you in a fun, creative way. That said, none of this is meant to cure, prevent, or treat any nutrition or health conditions. This post has been brewing for a long time. Speaking of brewing, did you know that coffee and other foods can stain your teeth? Yes even the nutritious food and bev can bring your pearly whites down a shade or two (or more!). That’s why I’m excited to tell you all about Smile Brilliant a teeth whitening kit that I tried. The results are noticeable, especially in person. But I have before and after photos for you to see. Keep reading! What Foods Stain Your Teeth? Coff

Why You Can't Actually Build Muscle And Burn Fat At The Same Time

I'm really into fitness if you can't tell. So I am bombarded with lots of information about building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Since I'm a dietitian I know that , it's actually not true. Here's why you can't actually build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Don't want to read a ton? Scroll to the bottom to get the takeaways :). First Burning Fat and Building Muscle are 2 Separate Goals. Sorry to get black and white here, but it must be done to keep this post as simple as possible when in reality physiology is complex! Let's start with good ol' definitions since I'm a definition girl. I like to be clear and concise because ambiguity in nutrition and fitness is where I think w

Watermelon Nutrition Facts | Watermelon Outfits

July is watermelon month which I absolutely love because watermelon is my favorite fruit. Seriously, sign me up for a watermelon eating contest and I would likely dominate. But for some reason, popular wellness advice would say that fruit, especially watermelon and bananas have "too much sugar" and EFF THAT NOISE! Seriously #effthatnoise. Fruit is not the sugar-laden demon some people make it out to be. Watermelon is also a cute and fun pattern to wear. So this blog will be about watermelon nutrition and fashion. Read on! Watermelon Nutrition Vitamin A is important for optimal eye and skin health. There are 2 forms of vitamin A: beta-carotene and retinol. Beta-carotene is the plant form of

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