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I Don't Believe in Casual Fridays Because I Don't Believe in Formal Mondays

I don't believe in casual Fridays because I don't believe in formal Mondays- or judging a book by its cover. Last week I was triggered. Not going to lie I was pretty heated up when I came across a comparison post that compared two women -one was wearing a short dress and the other, a longer black dress. The post read something like the woman in the black dress came in to work on Saturdays and got promoted while the other woman was not. Firstly, I wanted to write this post during a period in which I was more relaxed, and I am now. Although I will admit as I type this I can feel my heart rate increase a little bit, and the clanking of my keyboards indicate I am a little more hyped up than I wa

The Connection Between Nutrition & Mental Health Plus 12 Mental Health Boosting Foods

Finally, dietetics professionals aren’t only sought after for weight management. Nutritional expertise are needed in psychiatry, too. This blog post was inspired by a recent article in the Wall Street Journal and someone who reached out to me about diet and mental health. I couldn’t be more excited to be a Registered Dietitian in a time where we are connecting our nutritional habits with so many health conditions. What is the Connection Between Nutrition & Mental Health? Well, we eat food because we need the nutrients it provides. There are 6 essential nutrients, essential meaning we need to eat it to survive. The 6 Essential Nutrients: Carbohydrates Fats Proteins Vitamins Minerals Water The

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