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Replace Those Boring Veggie Platters with a Nourish Board

Don't get me wrong, I love me a veggie platter. For many of my clients, they would love it if more of the parties they went to included more fruits and vegetables at the snack station. But even though the celery, tomato, carrot combo is healthier I say we replace those boring veggie platters with a Nourish Board. Why a 'Nourish Board' Why do I call it a nourish board? It's a tray of food... When I wanted to build my first nourish board, I knew I need a large tray I could cascade a variety of snack on. It needed to be big, have handles, and deep enough so the chips didn't go flying when I walked from kitchen to car with it. I bought Food Network Acacia Wood Serving Tray at Kohl's and when I

Dietitians Head to Brightmarten for Their Monthly Dinner Meet Up

Every month, a crew of us dietitians find a Denver restaurant to dine at for "Dinnertitians". Tonight we're headed to Brightmarten in Wash Park! Check out some of my favorite selections from their menu. Surprise, I love their salads! Brightmarten has 5 nutrient-dense and crave-worthy salads to choose from. They'll serve half portions or entree size, and yes you can add protein. For example, the first time I went I ordered the Spring Salad and added a portion of salmon. It was a hard choice between the Spring Salad and 'The Bright' but I was drawn to that sweet fruit + walnut+ bitter greens combo. It was so good I tried to recreate the very same salad at home. Any meal with vegetables is goin

Instagram Live Interview with MacroKitchen Co-Founder Jordan Chadsey

If you've been following a long for some time you know that I have a lot of support for a mart-based approach to nutrition! Not only is it foundational to the science but its a very inclusive way of eating. No matter what you label your diet as, you need to eat a certain amount of macronutrients to survive. Luckily, MacroKitchen makes finding recipes that fit your macros easy and that's why I use them in my practice. Read the Q & A below! J- Hi Monica! Can you share with our community a bit about how your decision to be an RDN and your addition of fitness nutrition coaching into the mix? Fitness was the launchpad into my nutrition career! I grew up very active, always outside playing and the

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