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Fitness Dietitian 101 Tips and Tools

About a year ago I was just launching my Dietitians Guide to Counting Macros on the RD2RD Marketplace website. Now let me just say, RD2RD Marketplace is everything an RD needs to get started making money as a side gig. The best part is, nutrition majors and dietetic interns can do this with their materials they create in school. If I could package all of the materials I made, even as study guides (which there are several Study Guides on RD2RD Marketplace). Another great aspect of RD2RD Marketplace is that Megan puts on a live Facebook Show. She interviews Registered Dietitians who are in a specialty. I talked about being a fitness dietitian! So please, enjoy this video and hopefully you le

What Are The Most Nutrient Dense Foods at Trader Joe's?

If you want to know what the most nutrient dense foods are at Trader Joe's you'll love this blog post! I am giving you the top food sources for essential vitamins and minerals. You can take a multi-vitamin but I'd rather you eat whole foods first! Today’s grocery haul @traderjoes Was vitamin focused! Thinking about the fall & cold season where lots of immune systems get challenged. The best defense against the seasonal sickness? Whole Foods baby 🙌🏼 so I put together my grocery list and I’m sharing it with you. Everything with an [x] means I found it at my Trader Joe’s. Stay tuned for meals inspired by these vitamin-rich grabs! . VITAMIN A - [x] Carrot juice - [x] Carrots - [x] Sweet potat

Fitness Grocery List and Meal Plan: Meals with 5 Ingredients or Fewer

I am so not a food blogger! I blog about food but when it comes to creating recipes I am as simple as it gets without being totally boring. Who wants to eat boring food? Not this girl! So I'm sharing another fitness grocery list and meal plan. There are 5 meals with 5 ingredients or fewer. I never really identify as a #foodblogger because any recipe I make is soooo simple - like this chia seed & peach oatmeal bowl - all of the ingredients are in the name 🍑😂 sure I’ll add a dash of cinnamon, maybe toss in some toasted almonds but I like to keep my foods relatively basic so that I can make healthy eating a habit and just add flavors as I go. Meal 1: Chia Seed & Peach Oatmeal Ingredients: 1/3

10 Dietitian Approved Macro Tracking Hacks

Ever wonder what to do to make counting macros easier? Here are 10 Dietitian Approved Macro Hacks that can help you whether you are just starting or have been going at it a while. If you want to learn more about counting macros Download my Dietitians Guide to Counting Macros 1. Weighing nut butter instead of using a volume measure (Tablespoon) really makes a difference. ​​ 2. Keeping a journal to write in helps me stay on track when I need a break from the screen. 3. Condiments- Mustard, Salsa, and Trader Joe's Green Dragon Sauce take plain cooked protein, carbohydrates, and veggies from meh to YEA! 4. Roast your veggies for easy prep and loads of flavor. ​​ 5. Be flexible. Don't stress abou

3 Easy to Meal Prep Vegetables All Made Under 20 Minutes

Feeling like meal prep takes too much time? I'm about to prove you wrong. In under 20 minutes I have 3 different veggies meal prepped. A delicious roasted cauliflower tahini, a simple asparagus and root veggie medley can be made while you watch this video. Cook with me and watch! Want to learn my other tips for meal prep success? Download my free Meal Prep Blue Print to see me exact process to meal prep each week! Here's an outline of what I'm doing in this cooking video: 1) Making a Roasted Tahini Cauliflower with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning Start at 0:27 and done at 9:30 2) Roasted Asparagus Start at 9:30 and done at 12:20 3) Steamed Root Veggie Medley Start at 13:00 and done at 16:

5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep And a Meal Planning Method That Makes Sense

I'm telling you the truth about meal prep and how I am able to do it every week. It might not be what you think. 5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep and a Meal Planning Method That Makes Sense. ​​ These are the 5 untold truths about meal prep that make me actually able to get it done every week. ​​ What I’m about to share in this meal prep post is 5 things that make it possible for me to keep up with my weekly meal prep routine. I also have an episode on IGTV if you prefer to watch & listen instead of read. Granted I have been doing this meal prep thing for almost 10 years now. I started in high school. Buying food and cooking it was part of my routine and this was when Instagram wasn’t around s

Dietitian Influencers are Teaching People How To Eat Healthy on Instagram

Choppedathon is a social media nutrition campaign with the main goal of teaching people how to eat healthy. This is a direct result of 2020 Coronavirus and orders to stay home. That means a lot of people have limited time to go grocery shopping but plenty of time at home to learn how to cook nutritious foods. Thats where dietitian influencers come in. A group of Registered Dietitians all across the country share on their Instagram stories a nutrition lesson and recipe that fits a theme. I wanted to find a way to teach people how to eat heathy and keep their mind on nutrition even though we are all going through major life changes as a result of COVID-19. It is my thought that doctors, nurses

4 Mindset Shifts I’ve Made to Feel Better About At Home Workouts

I don't love working out at home right now during coronavirus quarantine. I miss my gym ritual and routine. Since I've been living in this place of loss and grief over my gym workouts it has made me view exercise differently than I'm used to. That change is changing my body confidence over all. I spent some time journaling about my relationship with my workouts to find solutions. These are some of the mindset shifts I’ve made to feel better about at home workouts. But, before I dive into the mindset shifts I can't express enough gratitude for my friends in the fitness industry who are showing up daily to host workouts online. Without them, millions of people would be really missing out. So r

5 Benefits of Tracking Your Food To Help You Reach Your Goals

Can writing down what you eat help you or is it a waste of time? Written by Kaleigh McElfresh, Dietetic Intern Co-author Monica Salafia MS RD CPT April 5, 2020 At one point or another, you've likely been part of a conversation that starts with "I have been eating healthy and haven't seen any results!" After recalling what you're eating, it's obvious that you should be seeing results, right? You're eating salad and chicken breast, you've sworn off sugar and alcohol, and you're drinking enough water to hydrate an entire village. So what gives? Food choices are rarely the reason, it's mostly portions. This is why tracking your food can be super helpful in reaching any kind of health or fitness

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: What Is It and Who Gets It?

Written By: Kaleigh McElfresh, Dietetic Intern April 3, 2020 At some point in our lives, each of us has made a statement about what we don’t like about ourselves or our bodies… “I hate the way my legs look in shorts.” “Ugh, my arms are so flabby!” “I so wish I had a body like Kendall Jenner.” While this is a normal part of being human, especially with social media constantly flooding our feeds with images of “perfect” bodies, lean legs, and toned stomachs, there are people who struggle with a clinically diagnosable disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). These individuals struggle with their image and hyperfocus on their disdain for their appearance for hours every day. According to

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