Amazon Prime Deals at Whole Foods | My Whole Foods Grocery Haul!

Sharing my money saving tips when shopping at Whole Foods plus my weekly grocery haul to inspire some healthy meals in your kitchens!

A Smoothie Bowl Recipe to Use Up Ripe Bananas | Reduce Food Waste

Food waste sucks but smoothie bowls don’t! Smoothie bowls are also a fantastic way to use up any older fruits & veggies that are near their expiration and a smoothie bowl is exactly what I made with a banana that was a bit past it’s prime!

Let’s talk about WHY it’s impo…

5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep That Make it Easier Than it Seems!

5 Untold Truths About Meal Prep That Make it Easier Than it Seems!

These are the 5 untold truths about meal prep that make me actually able to get it done every week.

What I’m about to share in this meal prep post is 5 things that make it possible for me to keep up with…

My $60 Sprouts Farmers Market Grocery Haul and How to Be Successful with Your Nutrition Goals

A $60 Grocery List from Sprouts Farmers Market + get my insider tips on how to be successful with your nutrition goals!

Yoga on the Rocks and Weekly Workout

Happy International Yoga Day! Im sharing a week off workouts, a music playlist, and groceries for the week!

24 Minute Tabata Workout to do Anywhere Plus a Perfect Playlist to Go With It!

Get a quick sweat session in under 30 minutes with this 24 minute tabata workout. Playlist included!

My $45 Trader Joe’s Grocery Haul

Is eating healthy expensive? It can be but it can also be affordable. When I grocery shop I value saving money over saving time for most things. I shop regularly at Trader Joe’s because we have one right down the street from us. This week I wanted to get serious about…

Weekly Workout Routine | Packing Food to Go

Buff Bunny Workout Outfits, Foods I packed for on the go and a full week of workouts!

A Vegan Friendly Restaurant in Denver | What I Ate and What I Wore

Dining out is one of my favorite activities for date night and just in general. It wasn’t always but that’s another blog post. This weekend Zack and I went to Root Down, a vegan-friendly Restaurant in Denver. It was dee-lish!

I myself am not vegan but I am well versed i…

My Absolute Favorite Piece of Fitness Equipment! Its Not What You Think

What’s the number one thing I must have when I go to the gym ?! Find out in this blog post!