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Answering 10 Random Questions about me and an Instagram Stories Template

A very special reader of mine shared with me that she did my workouts today. It reminded me how grateful I am for everyone who is in this with me and that also it has been a hot minute since my last workout post! So here is a full week of workouts for you!

Shop the Athl...

This post is creative content. I strive to bring my personal experiences and evidence based practices to you in a fun, creative way. That said, none of this is meant to cure, prevent, or treat any nutrition or health conditions.

This post has been brewing for a long tim...

Denver Dietitian and Healthy Lifestyle Influencer uses Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this Brownie Recipe to make it healthy and indulgent!

A free Trader Joe's Grocery List, Meal Prep Plan, and Menu Ideas

I'm really into fitness if you can't tell. So I am bombarded with lots of information about building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Since I'm a dietitian I know that , it's actually not true. Here's why you can't actually build muscle and burn fat at the same...

While food tracking is helpful for those trying to lose weight, here are 10 reasons to track your food intake that have nothing to do with weight loss.

Even though I am a fitness and nutrition professional I still love to look and feel my best! In this post I'm sharing my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Catalog Picks for Fitness and Nutrition Professionals

The active woman needs to meet her energy needs not only to carry out her day but to power her through her workouts! Here's 30 foods fit for the active woman

A 50 minute workout and a 50 minute electronic music playlist to go with it@ Grab some dumbbells and a mat and get to it!

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