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I was sitting right where you are. I was dreaming of being a fitness dietitian. I didnt want a desk job, I didn't want to be a clinical dietitian (although I absolutely loved clinical!). I wanted to be inside gyms, fitness studios, and boutiques teaching their members about fueling to meet their fitness goals and developing a healthy relationship with food. I knew the skills I learned inside my dietetic internship would be transferrable to a different setting... and keep people from getting into the hospital in the first place! 

Here's what I knew: I could calculate nutritional needs like a rockstar, hello tube feeds. But I didnt want to use that skill just to recommend ensure twice daily blah blah blah. I figured if I'm doing this needs calculation for people who are sick in the hospital, why not do it for people who are working on their performance and strength goals and instead of recommending nutritional shakes, I can recommend real whole foods! 

I get hundred of DMs on Instagram and emails from aspiring fitness RDs - ones who aren't even Registered yet to those who have been clockin in their work hours in an outpatient setting and want to get into the gyms where their real passion is. 

I designed this course to feel more like you're talking to a girlfriend about your biggest boldest dreams, a mentor, a legit future you! I'm not trying to make billions here selling a course - I am just giving you want you're asking me and that is to "pick my brain" on entering the field of sports and fitness nutrition when that wasn't really taught to us in school. 

In this course I'm sharing all of the ins and outs on the road to becoming a fitness RD and you're going to walk away knowing exactly what your next move is to make your fitness dietitian career dreams come true.

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08 🎉💥 celebrating 🥳 hard today as today marks 3 years since I became an RD! ._Best deci

"... feel like I continuously set aside time to sit down on a Sunday and "work on private practice stuff" but have no idea what the FIRST step should be, or what would be the most efficient and effective use of my time. " 


"...need logical steps that will get me to the point where I feel comfortable leaving my current job to fully pursue this (I know I might never feel 100% comfortable, but I don't quite feel I could take a leap right now). " 

This is for you if you...
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