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Case study: A young newly credential RD just passed her exam. She wants to start a private practice and work 1 on 1 with people, or in small groups.

  • She got the bachelor's degree...

  • The grades, the really good grades...

  • Did endless hours of volunteer work...

  • Finished the unpaid internship... 

  • She even went on or is going to get her Master's in Nutrition or something similar to boost her credibility.

Now she wants to make an ROI (return on investment) all while helping people finally get healthier and not get trapped into fad diets. 


She wants to start a nutrition coaching business.

The problem? There are people without the education , training, empathy, knowledge and background doing this. They don't have crippling  student loan debt she has but they have the thriving nutrition coaching business and a f*ck ton of followers and influence. They probably have booty pics too.

The solution? There aren't many! Unfortunately we as Registered Dietitians entered a field that has LOADS of nutrition and clinical, management, leadership and community teachings little business guidance.


Not to mention, that there are now dietitians selling nutrition coaching programs to non-dietitians so that they can begin working with clients! What gives?


My mission: To help dietitians and dietitians ONLY. New ones, seasoned ones, ones with an idea, ones who have no idea where to start.

Sound like you? 

Now offering coaching for dietitians and dietitians only at $29 for 30 minutes. 

How to set this up?

Click here to buy now! We will set up a Zoom meeting ASAP so you can start making that money back and get closer to the nutrition coaching practice fo your dreams.