How Effective Is Green Coffee For Weight Loss? Know Science!

How Effective Is Green Coffee For Weight Loss

Green coffee extract has gained attention in recent years as a potential aid for weight loss. Research demonstrates that coffee and caffeine can boost fat burning by increasing metabolism and energy expenditure. Coffee can boost fat burning by making your body use more energy. However, the benefits might depend on the source and form of coffee dosage. 

With so many diets and workout plans to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. But is there solid proof that drinking green coffee can actually help you drop pounds safely? To discover more, we dug deeper into the existing research on green coffee and weight management. Let’s check out the science of using green coffee for weight loss.

Quick Facts:

  • Green Coffee preserves more natural compounds compared to other types of Coffee beans since it does not go through the high heat roasting process.
  • Green Coffee delivers substantial amounts of chlorogenic acid, a compound connected to weight loss perks.
  • Green coffee can boost weight loss without substantially spiking caffeine levels.
  • With less caffeine than roasted coffee, green coffee provides antioxidant advantages without an intense “caffeine kick.”
  • The lower caffeine content results in a smaller increase in metabolism and thermogenesis.

What Is Green Coffee?

Green coffee is just unroasted coffee beans. When roasting coffee, beans are cooked at really high temperatures. This changes their physical makeup, altering color and flavor and reducing moisture. The heat also breaks down some compounds inside the beans.

Caffeine content is pretty similar in green and roasted beans. But roasting makes it easier to extract caffeine when you brew coffee. The lower moisture allows the caffeine to dissolve into the water more easily. On the other hand, compounds like chlorogenic acid break down during roasting. Green coffee beans have much higher amounts of these beneficial compounds. So, in a nutshell, green and roasted beans aren’t super different in caffeine content by weight. But green coffee gives you more antioxidants and good plant chemicals that get destroyed in roasting.

One study about green coffee found that it maintains over 9 times the amount of chlorogenic acid versus roasted coffee beans. This dramatic difference was illustrated in Table 3 of the study, which showed green coffee having 9.02 times more chlorogenic acid content than roasted coffee.

So, in summary, green and roasted beans don’t differ drastically in caffeine content by weight. However, green coffee provides more antioxidants and beneficial phytochemicals that are depleted during roasting.

How Green Coffee Helps Weight Loss?

Green coffee provides several weight loss benefits. Green coffee supports weight loss through its caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Each of these chemicals contributes in multiple ways to help control and reduce weight. Let’s look at the details. 

1. The Caffeine

Even though green coffee beans have less caffeine than roasted beans by amount, there’s still caffeine in there. Caffeine is known to provide several weight loss benefits:

  • Boosts Metabolism – Caffeine makes your resting metabolic rate faster, so you can burn more calories at rest. A boosted metabolism makes it easier to shed pounds.
  • Increases ThermogenesisThermogenesis means making heat in your body. Caffeine turns up thermogenesis, allowing you to burn more calories.
  • Suppresses Appetite – Caffeine curbs hunger and suppresses appetite. This can reduce overall calorie intake to support weight loss.

So even with lower caffeine than roasted coffee, green coffee still brings thermogenic, metabolic, and appetite suppressing perks for managing weight. 

2. Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid is the main active compound in green coffee that supports weight loss. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound provides several weight loss mechanisms. Let’s take a closer look at this powerhouse antioxidant and how it promotes weight loss:

  • Weight Loss Driver – Studies show chlorogenic acid, and not just caffeine, drives the weight loss effects of green coffee.
  • Blood Sugar Control – By regulating glucose metabolism, chlorogenic acid stabilizes blood sugar. This provides better energy control and reduces fat storage driven by insulin spikes.
  • Fat Burning – Research indicates chlorogenic acid boosts metabolism and supports fat burning.
  • Bioavailability – Animal studies found chlorogenic acid is highly absorbed and bioavailable, allowing its effects to be more potent.
  • Clinical ResultsHuman studies found participants taking green coffee bean extracts high in chlorogenic acid lost substantial weight compared to placebo groups.

Chlorogenic acid tackles weight loss from multiple angles by controlling blood sugar, accelerating metabolism, and burning fat via its antioxidant effects. This multifaceted approach makes it a highly effective compound.

Coffee For Weight Loss

How To Get More Green Coffee

With the many potential weight loss benefits offered by green coffee, you may be wondering how you can incorporate more of it into your daily routine. Thankfully, there are convenient ways to add green coffee to your diet without completely changing your coffee drinking habits. Here are two of the most popular and practical methods for getting more green coffee on a regular basis:

1. Green Coffee Beverages
Green coffee extract powders have become popular additions to coffee shops and cafes. Adding green coffee to a drink provides weight loss benefits without excess caffeine. However, speciality coffee beverages can be expensive and time-consuming. They may not be very convenient for regular use.

2. Supplements
Green coffee supplements offer a more affordable and practical way to get standardized amounts of green coffee extracts for potential weight loss benefits. High-quality supplements are made with green coffee bean extracts standardized to contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid. This ensures an effective dosage. Green Coffee supplements also provide precise dosing and sidestep the hassle of making frequent cafe trips. 

The Bottom Line

Green coffee appears to be safe when consumed in the standard quantities present in the diet. The FDA categorizes coffee as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) as a food additive.

Green coffee is quickly becoming a go-to weight loss tool. Due to its caffeine content and unique high concentration of the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, green coffee provides multiple pathways to support fat burning and weight loss. Taking green coffee extract supplements or drinking speciality coffee drinks can help you get more of this beneficial superfood. Just be sure to choose quality products with standardized green coffee bean extracts. Based on the current research, green coffee is a safe and effective option for boosting metabolism, controlling blood sugar, and losing weight.

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