Sports Nutrition & Exercise Physiology Programming in Denver

Meet Your Dietitian, Monica

Monica Salafia Headshot.jpg

Fitness was the launch pad into my nutrition career. When I was 15 I began powerlifting with my brothers. 


During my dietetic intership, I moved to Denver to gain more sports nutrition experience. I passed my RD exam in 2016, graduated with a Masters in Nutrition  in 2017 and became a certified personal trainer the same year.


My passion is to coach individuals on how to fuel their body to reach their fitness goals. I work with everyone from beginner's to elite athletes. You can also find me talking about nutrition on TV, Instagram, Mind on Nutrition Blog and other websites like , POPSugar and more.


No matter what level of fitness, nutrition is SO important and I'm excited to teach those principles to you!

Meet your physiologist, Chris! 

Exercise has always been a part of my life. I've always been an active person and wanted to learn more about the best ways to stay in shape and the most efficient ways to do it.


After college I spent a couple of years in Omaha, Nebraska as a personal trainer. From there I knew I needed something different, a better foundation to grow a business and to learn new skills within the industry, so I moved Colorado.


Here I've been mentored by many different people who carry a big name in the industry, but the one thing I was always drawn to was the science behind exercise.


As a physiologist, I have worked with everyone from bariatric patients that need to lose weight to professional sports teams and everything in between.