Bride and GroomYou have so much to look forward to! The showers, the photos, the videos, the big day, and the moment your forever partner takes his or her first glance.

​Preparing for a wedding is a LOT of people pleasing. You will want to make sure everyone is taken are of, and this program is designed to make sure that you my friend are taking care of you too.

​Nourishing your body with the best fuel is our top priority. We will make sure your food choices and eating behaviors are right in line with your vision of your most confident self.

​Every week we will check in on what, how, and how much you’ve been nourishing your body with and we will even make sure that your workouts are on point.

​Showing off your shoulders? Let’s sculpt them!

​Backless wedding dress? Let’s see some gorgeous definition!

​Nutrition programming includes a nutrition questionnaire about your personal and social history, your food likes and dislikes, plus a complete diet analysis of foods you are currently eating. Meal plan assistance also provided.

​We will revise your nutrition as needed to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Congratulations Future Bride Or Groom!​Exercise programming includes a questionnaire about injury history, performance goals, workout equipment you have available, and a workout program designed to meet your individual physique goals. If you’re local, please ask about our metabolism testing!

​This package is designed for all brides, grooms, genders, colors, ages. Mind on Nutrition supports the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities.

​Schedule a free 20 minute consultation if you have any questions or sign up below if you are ready to get started!