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monica salafia
ms rd cpt


aka @DenverFitnessDietitian on IG brings credible, evidence-based nutrition science with a healthy dose of humor and practical lifestyle approaches to the Denver sports and fitness community. Her goal is for you to learn the foundations of nutrition so that you can apply them to your own lifestyle.

She works with a variety of groups including student-athletes, adolescents with body image concerns, adults looking to improve their fitness and relationships with food, new moms and dads who want to get back at their routines or start new ones, and professional sports athletes.


She was the Denver Nuggets Team Nutritionist during the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons and you can catch her appearing regularly on local news channels all across the country talking about healthy eating tips and sharing delicious recipes.

television & media

Monica graduated with a Master's in Applied Nutrition while completing her Dietetic Internship. The internship focus was on communications. Today, she is partnering up with brands that share similar philosophies and values related to nutrition. How companies market their products makes a huge impact on her client's mindset around food and knows it's a barrier. Getting on TV, Monica can teach nutrition to audiences of thousands at a time. 


"Great job Monica!  You bring a wonderful upbeat and fun voice to the brand and we appreciate all the support.  Also love the product placement!!  Very visible."  

The coaching experience is a collaborative, trusting, knowledgeable, and empowering relationship. These values combined with evidence-based practices and your own unique nutrition needs and goals are how we create your individual nutrition program.

Where do you meet for your appointments?


Monica's private practice is entirely virtual. You will meet through a HIPAA- compliant portal called Healthie for your appointments. Learn more about appointments here. Healthie is also available on the app store, making it convenient way to keep your sessions and allow you to meet with your dietitian from anywhere. 

Individual Nutrition Coaching Includes:

  • A free 30-minute call before you commit to coaching

  • 2 or 4 monthly sessions where you get individualize time and attention to talk through your nutrition questions, concerns (the "therapy" part of medical nutrition therapy).

  • Food & Nutrient Intake Analysis & Nutrient Reports

  • Individual Nutrition Program which is a personalized nutrition prescription that is updated based on your progress in between sessions.

  • Meal planning sessions to guide your food choices and portions throughout the week. 

  • A guilt-free experience where you actually learn about nutrition and like food again.

  • A personal hype woman because we will be celebrating a lot of wins!

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