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Hi there,
Monica Salafia here!

Coaching you to confidence while helping you learn how to fuel your body, shift your mindset, and start reaching your goals.

Television & Media

Position your brand as a nutritious item that adds value to families and individuals with health goals. I love sharing my expertise in nutrition and helping people finally get a clear, positive message about healthy eating. I share healthy recipes with my individual clients and on national news stations across the U.S.


"Great job Monica!  You bring a wonderful upbeat and fun voice to the brand and we appreciate all the support.  Also love the product placement!!  Very visible."  

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All of our work together will be done through a special, HIPPA compliant portal called Healthie.

Healthiecan be downloaded as an app and I become your provider. During our work together you can expect to use healthy


  • Meet for virtual or "telehealth" coaching

  • Sharing documents, forms and helpful resources

  • Your Personalized Recipes, Nutrition Needs, and Meal Plan

  • Texting in a private message or a group chat

The coaching experience is collaborative, trusting, knowledgeable, and empowering relationship  These values combined with evidence-based practice and your own unique nutrition needs and goals are how we create your individual nutrition program. 

Nutrition Consultant 

Your company is thriving in the wellness industry and including a Registered Dietitian in your services makes your business stand out. As a past consultant for the NBA's Denver Nuggets, I'm bringing the tactics that worked for the elite to your very own clientele.  Read about my experience with a physiology company and corporate wellness to learn more. 

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